Big alpha news


Big alpha’s announced for Halloween!


I know that ! And only for 3 days !
But 3 days of Evolve is better than 3 days on all others games !


I saw, I’m so depressed. That’s the weekend of my wedding so I won’t be able to play x.x


Well if you have it on xbox one you get it on thursday!


And I will thoroughly enjoy it Thursday, actually I also have off work Friday so I will probably be playing all Friday afternoon as well before my busy weekend begins! I’m obviously not depressed about my wedding I’m very happy about that so please don’t take that the wrong way I just wish it was on another weekend so I had more time to play.


Was hoping that it would at least stretch to a week in length, oh well :frowning:


For being an alpha, it’s probably going to have tens of thousands of players lol. This stress test is going to make some people upset if they can’t play 24/7 for 3 days straight due to the crashes.


Indeed, the servers are gonna get hammered in the first few hours with the incoming rush of pre-order alpha players.


Will be emails be staggered like the first alpha? I got my email Saturday afternoon and only had a day to play.

Will all announced hunters and monsters be in the alpha or will we have one of each class like last time?

Can I download the Alpha on Thursday Oct 30th and play on PC on the 31st?


hehe this is a little grim, we hope that doesn’t happen!


No hiccups! We have faith in turtle power!


Hey Jess, did you say what was big about the Big Alpha in the end? Or is that still close to the dev’s chests?
Sorry if I’m late, I’ve been fluttering on and off the forum inconsistently as Uni started again and it has been hectic with Lectures and tutorials and such.


The ‘Big’ in Big Alpha is for the amount of people getting to participate.


cool! thanks for the answer, Creator. more people to pwn then :wink: