Big alpha help


I have some questions about big alpha i was hopeing some one could answer me 1 how will i be alerted if i made it in the alpha or not ? 2 how will i download it im on ps 4 ? 3 will i find evolves alpha on the ps store ?


As for what I know thus far:

  1. You will receive an email closer to the time period. It’s still the 12th, so we have a bit of time to go.
  2. The email should include a redeemable code for the Playstation Store to download the Alpha. (Destiny did this)
  3. See above.


if we were part of the first alpha test is are we going to get into this one/do we have a chance to get into this one or do we have to resign up?


No, you don’t have guaranteed chance of getting in. You need to get new code for Big Alpha.


If you were in the last Alpha it doesn’t matter. You’ll have to sign up again.

There are single use codes and multi-use codes which you can redeem. The multi-use codes are still floating around, so you should be able to easily snag one. If you’ve pre-ordering Evolve you will instantly be given access to the Big Alpha, as well.


thanks for the help bro


@plaff if you want to lock the topic since my question was answered I wont mind