Big Alpha for PS4


Are the codes out for the PS4 version yet?


Ps4 comes out a day after the PC ones, so you should get yours tomorrow.


No. The codes for PS4 is coming out tomorrow. Let’s show off PSP names so we can find each other while we are playing. :smiley:
My PSP name is Bear Stream


Well I just got my code for PS4. :smiley: :doughnut: You all might check your mail if you will be playing on PS4. :wink:


ME TOO! just got it! wooohooo time to playyy!


Got mine! But oh wait… I found out I only have 2GB left of internet…


It’s like Sophie’s Choice all over again


Got mine as well. :smile:


Me too…finally!!


Same here :thumbsup:


I got it too thank you developers and my name is Plasmic83 Another thing can i post other ps4 codes?


If you got given more than one code you can give the others away, you just can’t sell them


okay so i can post the codes here?


I’ve got my Key from the Gamestop PreOrder but if i try to redeem it, it says its invalid. What to do now? :frowning:


yeah (10 char)