Big Alpha Duration & Inclusion


Saw the news that the Big Alpha will start on Halloween. That is excellent news…almost.

Maybe I misread it a while back, but discussing it with @DamJess, I thought the Big Alpha was going to have a bigger window of time to play it and far more keys sent out than the first Alpha?

My group are all family men. We only get to play later at night after the family is asleep. And even then, half the group only has a few nights a week to play.

With the first Alpha, 2 of our group regulars didn’t get an Alpha invite, which I was told that many, many more codes would be given out during the Big Alpha. So they were excluded. Those of us that did get a code got to play Friday night for a little while and LOVED IT!
Saturday night is almost 100% guaranteed no gaming, because you know…family first.
And the Alpha ends before we even get on Sunday night.

So the 3-day Alpha window, leaves some of us 1 tiny window to play it and post our feedback.

I had a discussion during the first Alpha about the duration lasting maybe 4 days. Start it early Friday, end it late Monday. Surely it couldn’t hurt anything to add a little more time.
I personally do a lot of beta/alpha testing for software professionally and some games and try provide as much feedback to the devs/cm as possible to improve the game.

Spoke to my group about the Big Alpha. They all got really excited. Told them it started on Halloween and lasted 3 days. Every one of them said they wouldn’t even bother downloading it then. Halloween, nobody will be home much since we’ll be out with the family and it’ll be over by the time we do get to play on Sunday night.

Please, don’t make the duration so short so more can enjoy it and give our feedback.


I must say the duration is short but its on weekend and lot of people just can’t play on monday or tuesday.


The lovely @DamJess responded via twitter, letting me know that as of now, they cannot extend the Big Alpha time. Understood, but it still sucks.
Half of us have already pre-ordered Evolve on PC. So, from what I’ve read, we would automatically be included in the Big Alpha. Still not get to play it.

She said the xbox one will have a longer Open Beta.
But, we don’t have xbox ones. And why does xbox get an “open” beta with such a huge window of time to play it.
No love for us PC people?


Understood. But, make it start Early Friday and end Late Sunday night. At least if it didn’t end until midnight or around there, we could play it on Sunday night too. But it’s over before we even log on. Leaves 1 possible night to play, and it happens to be a holiday. lol :slight_smile:


Yeah it sucks and your right with xbox
I am getting really sick how xbox gets everythink first


EDIT: Microsoft can shell out a lot of cash for exclusive stuff. No reason for 2K/TRS to turn it down.


I am away on 31st Oct to 2nd Nov!!! :’( Would love it if it was extended. I thought that being the “big” alpha, it would last a long time, but for whatever reasons, it is not. Would love for it to be extended so I can at least have 1 match on it :smiley:
Edit : Looks like there’ll be no extension :’(


I think at least half of us preorder Evolve on the wrong site :confused:


Yeah, I knew the answer when I typed it. lol


Wow i thought it will be like 7 days but no its just 3
But its better than nothink


That’s what I thought. I was told it’s called the “BIG” Alpha, because they are sending out more keys than last time, not because of how long it will last.

Better than nothing, but only just barely. Since it’s on a weekend, and as I said, we only get to play nights, and Saturday night is always out of the question. And it ends like around lunchtime on Sunday.

Not worth wasting hard drive space for the download :\


You should try it just for one day
Its better than nothink as i said before


You know something called money? it can buy you things like an extra day or longer open beta.


I played it during the first Alpha for a couple hours that Friday night. Didn’t get to play it after that. Loved it, want more of it.


I really can’t speak to whether or not we will have another test period for PC… but don’t loose faith in us yet :slight_smile:

We get that window is short, but running these Alphas take a lot of resources, resources needed to launch the game. Not to mention, 3 days is enough time for the data we need. This is just a test, the game is, of course, going to release in full on PC.


No faith lost. Still saddened by the push-back date, so getting a glimmer of hope of getting to play it again gets me excited.

All understandable and reasonable.


Well, I guess the point of the alpha is less to satisfy consumer cravings and more to do with the team getting feedback on how to make evolve as good as possible. Upset that it looks like I’ll be missing this test out, but in only 4 months or so, the FULL game with all 3 tiers and maps and mebbe modes will be out, and I think I’ll just be able to last till then. Good luck in getting in all. Chances are you will considering that the focus is as many people as possible. :slight_smile:


Bummer thought it’d be a lil longer for folks.

Oh well, there could’ve been no big alpha.


Yeah i know what that is no need to get defensive


It’s going to be impossible to please everyone during these such phases, with dates and times since everyone is different.

For example, most people work weekday hours so the weekend makes the most sense to fill in as much testers as possible as opposed to have testing done during the weekdays when the number of participants are likely lesser.

Having it on the weekend however doesn’t mean everyone can play, since as you mentioned there are those who have families and do things with them on weekends and such but sadly that’s just the way the cookie crumbles on these things. The weekend is still in the best interest of testing to get as much done as possible since most people are not working or in school during those days.

I unfortunately work weekend evenings most the time and sometimes the entire day from noon till 2am my time, so my odds of testing this phase are much more limited than they were when I tested before but I’m not too worried.

It’s only October, there are still 3 more months before the big launch left to see what comes out of it :wink: