Big Alpha donation fund?


Hello ladies and gentlemen. I’m here not as a beggar, but as a fellow gamer for the last 30 years. I pre-ordered Evolve a few months back from Game Stop and thought I was guaranteed a spot in the Alpha. I was wrong! I tried using several codes and referrals to get in the Alpha but nothing.

A buddy of mine got into the alpha and we’re a little bummed because we planned on playing it together. I don’t get much time to game as a husband, father and full time career consume most of my time. If there is a kind soul out there who can help a fellow gamer out with a code it would be much appreciated.

My GT is Exar0s or you can PM me here!




If you signed up using a code that you got for pre-ordering, you should still be receiving a code, as far as I know (so long as you signed up properly, using the referral code and such). Last I heard, invites were still being sent, a large bulk of which have not even begun to go out yet. Keep a close eye on your email for the next few hours.


If you pre-ordered, you’ll get access. Just be patient for a bit, and if you don’t get your code, I’m sure @DamJess will be able to help you out.


I’m sorry, it’s for the XB1


Did you find a code yet? If not, PM one of the devs like @SlabOMeat


I have been franticly signing up to 20 public keys, 5 priorities and 2 guaranteed. I will share the ones that I get as spare no doubt!

The only caveat is that I heard they make a distinction between north american steam keys and european steam keys. So if I provide one it might be for euro regio, or am I wrong ? (it’s all for PC)


I have but they aren’t giving them out. Is there no kind soul out there with a spare XBOX ONE key? Thanks guys, I appreciate the effort regardless.


Sorry, I don’t have anything myself, and will be a US PC player here. Wish I could help you out!


There’s still time. I haven’t gotten a code yet either. Don’t lose faith.


Keep your eyes open…lots of people are posting extra codes today it seems!


Yup, lots of extra codes for all systems floating around on here if you still don’t have one yet


I had someone donate a code to me yesterday! Thanks :slight_smile:


Awesomesauce! Glad you got in!