Big alpha Code issues


So I’m having an Issue with submitting a Big Alpha code, I’ve tried almost every one given out with the referral codes. and every time I tried it gives me “Sorry but there was a problem with your submission” please visit our Privacy Policy for more info. I’ve also tried to use a single use code from the Gamespot giveaway that I found via the forums here. I’m not sure if I’m just not doing it right or what?

Also, I pre-ordered from bestbuy and didn’t get anything on my receipt about the alpha. I’d really like to participate as It sounds like a lot of people are going to be playing. can someone let me know what i’m doing wrong?


Same issue, i have preorder from best buy and still no big alpha code


I have spoken with Best Buy several times and according to them, they are out of codes. Told me they received very few of them.


Did you check this to see what it thinks your doing wrong?


Are you over 17? It might be that. Also, I had a read through the privacy policy and part of it went something like “we won’t collect information from any person under 13”, so if you aren’t over 13 then that may be another reason why


I’ve tried Best Buy several times and they don’t seem to fully know what is going on. Here’s the thing - according to Turtle Rock & 2K,

if you pre-order before a certain date you are guaranteed into the Evolve Big Alpha

How’s that supposed to happen if there are not enough codes given to retailers?

I consider access to the Big Alpha a sales point used to entice people to buy the game early - if that’s the case it’s not OK for people who have pre-purchased the game to not have access.

Turtle Rock & 2K - please let those of us who’ve purchased your game, given retailers money in advance, what you will be doing to remedy the situation.


The staff here has been very helpful and provided several codes at various times. I know some of us are having difficulties with our retailers and while unfortunate I do believe TRS is taking good care of us and trying to make sure each of us get in.


So is it good now?Did you manage to use ur code?


sorry I didn’t check yesterday because work, I did check through the privacy policy, I couldn’t find anything that I might be doing wrong, I am 28 years old, and have entered my birthday as such, I’m not sure what else could be going on, other than browser, is there something wrong with using Chrome and/or Windows 8?


Want to PM me ur info and console u want plus one of ur multiuse codes to try it for you?


So I have a bunch of codes that I can give to anyone who has pre-ordered and is having issues with getting codes from retailers. If this is you, PM me and I’ll hook you up.


I think I figured something out, I’m not sure what it is about chrome and firefox on my computer, but I re-installed Internet Explorere, and it looks like it worked. I used the one I got from CurseVoice, and it said it’s “Guaranteed Entry” so I won’t take anyone elses single use key, but thanks for the help guys.


I really would like a code. Seems gamestop is clueless and I’m tired of them. Not sure how to inbox on here though. Thanks


Click on his name and when the TAB appears click private message.Ez stuff


yeah i ordered from eb games and also don’t know how to pm either


I still haven’t recieved a code from best buy and I pre-ordered 2 days ago.


I put my code in (received it via email) and it originally gave me a Bad Request sort of thing, where it originally took me right out of there and forced me to redo the code.

The second time through it worked fine, however, so that’s all well and good.


I redeemed a preorder code for a product key that was suspose to be guaranteed access, and havnt got them. Hang around here long enough and you will find some keys pop up like I did :slight_smile: