Big Alpha Bug Report


Instead of us dumping all our bug reports in the single threads, I figured I would make a dedicated thread. I made it early to help you remember to look for the bugs and…wait for it…report them.

we all share a strong interest in evolve. We are not just casually interested, we have devoted time and effort talking about this unreleased game. So, I figure that we would all want to help make this beloved game of ours as good as we can and help our holy developers in their quest and making an excellent game.

If our holy devs have a particular format they would like the bug report in I hope they will let us know

All praise GabeN and all praise our holy developers.


This sort of thread may be best created once they open up the Alpha forums again to members, if they are planning on doing such a thing as per last phase


Yeah, don’t rush it. (Sadly) we have plenty of time untill the Big Bad Alpha.


This will come in it’s own time. I’m sure the Devs have some specific format in mind for when things start.


Yeah this is sooo early lol ^^


Early? I’d say totally unnecessary. Evolve is perfect in every way. The term “Alpha” is just there for business-speak sake for the masses. It’s going to be the best game ever in the history of gaming, with no bugs of any kind and smooth enjoyment all-round, with narry a sad face to be seen. I have spoken. :smile:


their be better some bugs on shear or i am gonna be dissapointed


I’m gonna agree. Evolve will be an excellent game that won’t have hardly any bugs, and those bugs that do appear will be squashed almost instantly lol. I’m also going to say that I hope they allow testing on all of the maps at some point to help catch glitches.


I had a question for @macman or @damjess regarding the Big Alpha. Because of the NDA lift regarding the upcoming weekend, will all forum users have access to the Big Alpha threads, or will it still be hidden just to prevent non Big Alpha users from clogging it up? If so, will it then be opened to the public after a set time period? Another question I had was regarding video. I will be streaming and recording video for this event. Do you know if the devs allow/would like videos of bug/exploits etc… or just written reports? Thanks in advance! (Hoping y single use code gets me in) :smiley:


Sometimes the Orbital Barrage doesn’t apply the damage you do to your Mastery, I just did over 2,000 damage with it in a match and it gave me +0 towards Character Mastery.


i havent had no probs lik dat