BHM does not have nearly enough food for Behemoth


I find myself consistently scraping the scraping the bottom of the proverbial wildlife barrel just to hit Stage 3, never mind armoring after that. When facing a team that actually requires Stage 3, the lack of snacks is a death knell :frowning: I am aware of the energy bins scattered around. However, they are so far and few between on this map as to be inconsequential.


Wha? Mines has tons of food. The Eastern ‘section’ is the only area that doesn’t have much as it’s mostly 1 meat toxic hounds but you can still find crates, striders, megamouths and tyrants.


Off topic but I wish crates have health bars


They do. The red chest icon empties.


Crates do have health bars. They have a little red crate symbol above them that depletes as you hit it.

@Immortal_D there’s actually quite a bit of food if you know where to look. Personally I feel that the Foundry lacks a lot of wildlife. Although, it makes up for it by having lots of crates with anti-bird roofs.


Crates can’t spawn carrion birds. Whether this is because they all spawn under the roof or have different coding isn’t specified. This is offset by them being really loud when attacked.


Wait, WHAT!? This changes my WHOLEEEEE strategy. Thank you so much, MaddCow!