Beware; the Tyrant & the drop ship (rescue mode)


Funny thing happened on the way to the drop-ship pick up the other day… we picked up the first set of survivors (on Rescue) and were happily headed to the drop-ship evac pick up. Out of the waters beside the pick up point emerged a pissed off Tyrant. We went about our business and wasted the beast…

He died right on top of the pick up pad… uhm… erm…

The survivors proceeded to run around it and … yup… they couldn’t evac. At that point we had no choice but to engage the monster and have it out right then and there. Funny. As. Shit.

I thought it was an anomaly, but again last night he was waiting by the same evac pad on two separate occasions. I was barking at my team to lead him away from it before killing it, fortunately he died a few meters away from it.

True Story… (and funny as hell).

Anyway, just thought to pass it along in case ya’ll ran into a similar situation. I forget the map, I am sure it’ll happen again today… I’ll update once I know.