Beware: Cool down hack on PC


Just came across a game where one guy was playing Laz with infite cool downs. He tried to be sneaky about it and not use cloak as often as he should but I kept the pressure on playing Meteor Goliath. I heard Laz say multiple times, ‘cloak out’ and he still stayed cloak. Couldn’t kill anyone because he had infinite heal bursts though he tried to be sneaky about it. I suppose playing Laz would be the sneakiest way to abuse a CDR hack but I know absolutely for sure he was using a hack. He stayed cloaked for 1 minute straight and the support was not cloaked.

If I play him again I will upload a video of it.


Imagine slim with a CDR hack- Wonder how many people would even notice “Man this slim kicks out a lot of heal bursts!”


There’s a single known hacker with this going around the PC scene making it blatantly obvious that he hacks.

He is supposedly banned however he managed to dodge his first ban. As far as I know he should be banned now but there’s no way of knowing whether or not he was hit with this one until there is evidence of him hacking or lack thereof.

However, if you have any proof of who did this please PM the Devs with any and all information you may have on this individual, if you have a link to their Steam ID I can confirm their identity with the Developers.


Ok I just got into another game with the same guy and this time he was running Caira. He made it obvious he was using a CDR hack after I downed him when he wasn’t abusing it. After that he got pissed and you can see him continously spamming heal burst over and over and over. Uploading to youtube and will post here.


PM it to the Devs, we don’t name and shame on the forums. Just include the Devs in the PM link.


His name is very generic. Very incognito.


Do not include names of others here on the forums. It is against the rules. I recommend you edit out or delete his name.

Also, report him to the VAC after you send it to TRS and 2K. He’ll get slapped with a nice ban and be unable to play online if it’s proven that he’s cheating.


is it the guy everyone is talking about?


When you were playing again against him, you really should record it.

Now it is just a statement that he uses hacks, with no valid proofs/evidence, so he won’t get banned.

Next time make sure to record


He did record it, recording it doesn’t mean anything though if he didn’t get his Steam ID which he didn’t.

So they guy gets away Scott free despite being recorded.


Multiplayer Hackers are disgusting. It’s one thing if it’s a single player game where there’s no consequences, but when you play online and suck the fun out of it for everyone…


Does it count if I use a keyboard macro that spams my 4 key to pop heal bursts immediately once they’re prepped?


I did record and put it on this thread but the mods removed it. I can send it to you via PM if you want to see it. Or you can youtube search evolve cool down hacker and you will see it.


i hate such assholes


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