Better understanding balance changes


One of the things that figuratively screams out to me anytime a patch is released, as with many of us here I’m sure, are the inevitable OP / UP character vents.

While I do think that TRS can sometimes seem to be tinkering a little too much, TRS are obviously facing a gargantuan task balancing all of the variations in game-play and skill levels the game needs to cater for - no mean feat.

As both a monster and a hunter player, I sometimes feel that these comments are from people who only ever experience one side of a hunt and, by extension, logically therefore lack perspective.

I feel that requiring players to have time in both sides would be of immense value for the game and for players themselves. Playing as a monster helps my hunter game and vice versa. Now, this would of course need to be done methodically; there are some people who simply refuse to play as either side.

While I understand there are changes to the leveling system incoming with TU9 (side note: when are we going to hear more, by the way?), you probably couldn’t block off a means to level up without playing a certain amount on both sides of the hunt (even though I believe requiring this would actually effectively improve a player’s skill overall), so I’m interested in anyone’s thoughts as to whether this is firstly a good idea, and if so, what practical ways could this be implemented…

Ideas everyone!


First- I COMPLETELY appreciate where you are coming from, BIG time.

However- Id have to strongly oppose something like this.

Youre basically forcing players to play roles they do NOT want to play, “or else”. And thats never a good thing. Some players down right despise the stress of playing monster. Likewise some people get frustrated trying to coordinate/communicate with people. I have no doubt in my mind that if you forced players to actively play both sides- Youd turn a LOT of players away.

And we know this- Because this ALREADY happened. A LOT of players complained about how when this game first launched, there were plenty of games where youd be forced onto monster- Even though you had it last, because everyone else had it last too. This made the game down right unfun, frequently, for a lot of people (Its not As much of a problem now, because a lot of whats left are 50/50 hunter and monster players who just LIKE the game, and people tend to FIGHT over picking monster- But whats left in this games population is quite obviously unrepresentative of your “normal” gamer). Like wise the game frustrated a lot of players because at launch if you were in a party in the equivalent of quick play, you couldnt play monster.

Have to pass :frowning:


I’m going to guess you didn’t read my entire post, or possibly it just hadn’t sunk in when you wrote your reply…here’s the important part:

you couldn’t block off a means to level up … what practical ways could this be implemented

So, given you’ve already said you appreciate where I’m coming from, and I’m not suggesting players are forced or blocked off somehow by not playing both sides, rather they’re encouraged to play both sides (i.e. more than getting a new badge), I’m interested in ideas for how this could be practically implemented (i.e. some kind of rewards mechanism).

I think encouraging play on both sides through some yet-un-thought-of means would possibly lessen the negative impression playing as a monster has (i.e. the stress, as per your example, which I think is a very valid issue to raise with the monster for casual players).

As to your last point - despite the current population being unrepresentative, which I think is a valid point, it’s still clearly a problem; there’s still plenty of OP / UP banter doing the rounds.


Even if they don’t play as a monster/hunter, they just play for 5 games and they said this X is OP, and it’s simply too short to have an opinion on this.

I’m wondering about helping the masteries system.
For example, the game see that you a lot more hunter, then, the game will add a quest like “Play as a monster during 2 hours”, when done, they could add 10% of masteries point on a random hunter.


I like this :slight_smile:

This is the kind of idea I’m talking about - something that encourages & rewards play from different sides and in turn gives players a considerably deeper understanding of their own game and more perspective on the whole “OP / UP” conversation.

It also means people can (at least partially) avoid some of the grind in character mastery - which let’s be honest, it often is…


Some of the masteries are absolute bullshit.


Emets Respawn Beacon is the most balanced mastery with Kala right behind him with her teles.



Remember when you had to do 450 damage with the orbital at 60 meters ?
Or 10.000 damage with Tech’s orbital ?


Perhaps an All Random game variant perhaps? You have no idea which role, hunter or monster youll get.


The only thing is that doesn’t necessarily encourage monster play (or vice versa) and I think finding yourself in a role you didn’t want to play was part of the problem early on for players.


How about Markov’s “damage the monster with two mines before taking any damage” elite mastery …

I’m sorry, but that is beyond stupid - you take the one character who needs to immediately get in the monster’s face and do serious damage, and ask us to plant mines around the dome, running away & hoping the monster will stumble into two of them before you take any damage … how, precisely, is that either helpful to learning how to use a character or helpful to your team’s objective…?


*Hank’s 40m Orbital mastery intensifies*


I agree, it’s like Torvald with his shrapnels…You have to hit the monster 10 times without being hurt… So useless… But I love challenge and different goals in a game. I like when the challenge is fun and do not injure the team.
Like the medic mastery that ask to revive your hunters. That means if you heal too good it will never happen, so I don’t like this one.
But I like some of Trapper masteries, or the one with Hank’s shield.
And I love the final reward, the elite skin ^^