Better Settings Access & Explore type


If there is some central post for Evolve feature/UI fix suggestions, please merge this in.

Two suggestions:

Better Settings Accessibility - Currently you have to fully back out of a game, losing the lobby and whatever party you were in, in order to return to the main menu and change anything such as keybinds, graphics settings, audio settings, etc. It feels like the configuration menus can/should be a LOT more accessible; at minimum editable in the lobby, and preferably editable mid-game like in the Tutorials. Why take that responsiveness away from actual games? This is not a major issue, but certainly an annoyance.

Explore Mode - Simply put, a no-objective/no-time limit custom game mode with no bots, only however many players are present. The monster can run alone; the hunters can run alone; one hunter and one monster can run on the map without the other hunter bots milling about. The whole point of this game type is to explore, get a good look at the maps without worrying about anything - yes, even the basic bots - interrupting you. Particularly with the advent of the new maps, the need for this feature has come to the front again. This would give people who cant assemble a 5-man team on a moment’s notice more flexibility to test out game mechanics for themselves. Having this be a whole game mode would make it easier to disregard the win/loss results. Alternately make it an option to just disable bots in custom game setups.


Explore mode has been asked for, but is not on the to-do list.


Thank you for that answer; consider this another request to hopefully add weight to that side of things then! If someone wants to either merge this or link it to another thread where it has been considered before, that could be useful.

The other suggestion to improve access to settings remains, and will hopefuly be considered.


I agree… I never noticed that this was even a problem… but I don’t typically rebind keys… but when you say it like that, it really made me wonder…