Better Racial and Gender Representation for Future Hunters


Unless these two are true:

There are zero south Indians and only one east asian at the moment.

Could we have a better representation of race for future hunters?

Maybe add another Latino, a native american indian, or an australian aborigine for better racial representation?

And gender representation too! There are only 3 female hunters.


Native Americans are so uncommon in today’s world. I wonder what the chances are, of one becoming a monster hunter in future times is.


Technically the native Americans of both North and South American still make up close to a hundred million if added together, so they are technically still relatively common.


100 million seems a little much there… Where do the numbers come from? You’ve a source?


There are four. Val, Maggie, Caira and Sunny.


[quote=“Galactoid, post:1, topic:53428”]Could we have a better representation of race for future hunters?

Let’s see. We currently have representations of:

  • Russia
  • Britain
  • African America
  • Sweden
  • Space Africa
  • Australia
  • Wild West America
  • Space Mongolia
  • 2x standard America
  • Some vaguely -ogravian place
  • Hillbilly country
  • Robotic Britain
  • Asia
  • Vaguely African-Asian mix
  • Bugs

Why are we complaining again


LOL. :joy: <Bbbbbbb


plz keep liberalism out of evolve >.<

just let the devs make their own characters, hush, and we might get a female slim



The character should be whatever is natural and fits well for that character. Diversity for the sake of diversity is bad. Diversity should be natural or it feels shoe-horned in and an attempt at political correctness. I like female hunters but only if they are well designed, I don’t want them to say “Well we have to make a female” and try to come up with some uninspired character.


OP you are spreading racism and sexism. And I think you don’t understand what actually you are doing. For example I don’t even care how many people of which races or genders are there. For me there is a twelve men, and I like them all. But you’re counting.

Guys above me are so right. They shouldn’t even care about which nation to pick for next character.
I will never understand political correctness. They treat nations like they are some handicapped people.


Right on, I want more yellow people in the game too!


I like hunters, but only if they are well designed, I don’t want them to say “Well we have to make a hunter” and try to come up with some uninspired character.

The fact that you think the creators can’t create a good character, if only just to balance out the roster, is kind of saying that they’re poor creators. Besides, of the many, many concepts they have kicking around, how and why would it hurt you if they expanded that concept onto a new character if it helps with the representation?


He’s saying that people will have better ideas if you don’t put a leash on them. Giving someone a constraint like “Has to be black” or “Has to be female” WILL limit their creativity, resulting in a more boring Hunter.


You realize they have said this exact thing you tried to twist right?

They have said they will not just make hunters to balance the roster, they will only do it if they have a good, well-thought out idea.


That’s patently false. Some of the greatest art of all time comes out of constraints and limitations.

Besides, there are already PLENTY of limitations they have to adhere to when making new characters. Like that it needs to fit into the story, the engine, the aesthetic of the game, a class system with an accompanying a color scheme, and have appropriate gear. Also, the characters need to be shaped in such a way that they don’t break the game or make it more difficult for the monster to see or damage (unless with abilities of course). They also probably need to work with PR and producers to clear any designs before actually putting them in the game.


And what are you saying prevents them from working on a good well-thought out idea that balances the roster?


They said it themselves that they would not limit their imaginations just to fill out a roster. As in, the people we are talking about? They said it. Yeah.


The most prejudiced people are often the ones promoting “diversity” for diversity’s sake. Go beyond the character’s skin color ffs, like them or dislike them for the person they are.


It’s funny, isn’t it? Just as a lot of “feminists” are actually extremely sexist themselves. :unamused:


i think the worst thing humanity has spawned are MALE feminist… im like wtf? i think its more meaningful when they stand up for themselves >.> guys just cheer from the sidelines lol :confused: