Better naming for the multiplayer modes


IMO “Skirmish” and “Hunt” are very non-meaningful titles for the multiplayer modes. A lot of new players figure they want to play Hunt mode and end up getting beaten up pretty badly in Hunt 2.0.

I think the names should be changed:
Skirmish -> Casual
Hunt -> Ranked

The multiplayer modes probably have changed a little bit with TU 9.0 but please think carefully about any new names. Prefer meaningful over fancy, please. :slight_smile:


or “Normal” as other games do!

  • Quick Play
  • Ranked (Hunt)

  • Easy Play
  • A mixture of randomly selected game of Hunt, Arena, Defend, Nest and Rescue.
    • Ratio goes 5/10 hunt, 2/10 arena and 1/10 four everything else.
  • Ranked Play (Hunt)
  • Play with and against similar ranking players in a game of Hunt.


If we’re gonna add any of that, I’m hoping they’d be able to track previously played matches during the last X amount of minutes to prevent the same map cropping up repeatedly. Nothing more frustrating than playing the same map again and again, when there’s so many others to play on.


We’ve had topics and topics aout the make up of a “skirmish” mode, I think the OP is just worried about the naming being a bit more clear as to the difference between the modes :wink:


I don’t mind what they choose to name QuickPlay, as long as they still have hunt in it. :slight_smile:
I think Hunt 2.0 should simply be Ranked Hunt.

I know that feeling bro.


Why on earth defend / arena pop as much as hunt in quick play ?

Majority of players like hunt over them

Why do we waste our time playing something we don’t like to play often . This is a turned off for majority of players

I love defend / arena but I don’t like to play it very often.

Suggestion : 5-6 hunt / 1-2 arena / 1 on everything else

@insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @LordDeath @LadieAuPair

Can you guys check the disconnecting when defend pop out ? I am sure it’s really high

Can we get map selection

1- hunt at specific map

2- arena in specific map

3- random map & mode


I for one absolutely love Arena (hate defend) and miss the option to only play arena.

This thread is not about this though, so please make a new topic or take it to the correct one.



No need

People have asked for it

Who cares about the name about modes ?

We care about balance / content not names


This topic cares about the names.


Well that’s what this thread is about, clearly people do care[quote=“niaccurshi, post:11, topic:85998, full:true”]
This topic cares about the names.

Nia please, I was in the middle of writing >:c


Names doesn’t add / remove any thing from evolve


I like defend. A lot of other people like defend. Just because you don’t like doesn’t mean it should be taken away from all those that do.

And to stay on topic the names of mean quite a bit.

You should be able to infer what the game mode is somewhat by the name. It sounds like the OP might be having trouble with that or believes others do.


You misunderstood me


Changing Names are redundant / stupid .

Names should be clear to describe what is all about. That’s it

Players know what are the names / what it means . If you change it (it may not be good for people that are used to it )


Here is the Opening Post, this is what we are discussing. If you wish to discuss something other than this, please, as stated, take it to a new post or the correct existing post. (I don’t know if there is one, though.)


Well I missed that part but the point still stands :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, in fact, meaningful & intuitive labels, icons & descriptions are one of the most important parts of designing an user interface.
This page lists “Naming” as the #3 most important skill of a software developer:
I read a study somewhere else that giving good names is considered to be the one of the most difficult tasks while programming. I cannot find the source right now.
And I, being a software developer myself, can assure you that it is very important to give things “good” names.

I’m with you that bugs & balance are more important. I never said anything else. But that does not mean other problems should not be fixed, too.