Better healer: Lazarus or Daisy?


Laz’s glove can heal for 1 or 2 bars more than daisy’s tongue

Laz can top off hunters if the hunters survive a boss fight

However, daisy dramatically increases the survivability of the group by being affectively the lowest priority target since she does no damage.

Then of course there is the thank daisy hallelujah drop ship.

plus Laz’s glove doesn’t work on eaten bodies, which can be problematic from time to time.

Overall, I think Laz is a better pure healer than daisy, but the fact it’s even close is lamentable.


It’s not that close. Daisy revives with strikes, Laz does not.

Daisy can’t revive eaten bodies either.

She can’t attack the monster at all and Laz can.

Daisy does not revive if Laz is in your party either.


Well, Laz is clearly the better healer but Daisy is the one & only MVP (MVTJ, Most Valuable Trap Jaw?) Her capacity to stand in a corner waaaay out of site after Maggie dies makes & breaks games for monsters & hunters.

  1. yes, daisy heals for 1 or 2 bars less than laz.

  2. no one can revive the eaten, but since laz’s benefit is primarily getting 1 or 2 extra bars of healing from non-eaten bodies he stumbles upon, this hurts him slightly more than it does daisy.

  3. yes but the question wasn’t who is a better fighter, as obviously, one who does no damage is sure to lose the comparison.

  4. why the hell would you choose laz and daisy together?


Why not? Maggie is a good trapper.

And those strikes are extremely important.


I think big disparity here is AI. Daisy’s AI is far smarter than the average human Lazarus player. Notice how Daisy waits for the monster to move away from a body before attempting to revive it? The vast majority of Lazarus players aren’t able to beat Daisy’s AI in this regard. Pushed forward by an irresistible compulsion, they must attempt to revive team mates even when the monster is standing directly on their body.

I think the solution here is obvious: Don’t let human players select Lazarus - He can only be selected by Daisy’s AI, which is now able to choose a character while other humans are selecting their characters. This change would require that Daisy’s AI only ever pick Lazarus - except for those rare occasions when she picks Hyde D: D: D: !


Those aren’t just “bars” those are strikes. They can’t be taken back in a normal match. They make hunters far easier to kill and on two strikes, there is no incap- only death. Daisy gives strikes. Lazarus does not. Laz has active healing. Daisy does not. Laz is vastly superior as a healer. I’m about 99% sure you’re just trolling. :wink:

That being said…Daisy is the real MVP.


Laz is the better healer, but Daisy is skilled at everything she does. ^.^


Better question: Which is the better healer, Lazarus or Val?


Val lol, at least she doesn’t have to be near the monster or someone to heal, but her surviving on her own it’s horrible, thank goodness devs are buffing her healing burst.


Easily Val. Laz is worthless without an extremely strong team.


Agreed, Laz is only as strong as his team.
Val is as strong as the team’s weakest link.
Caira doesn’t care, spam dat Scrub grenade all day long baby!
Slim is still tricky right now.


Yeah, Macman said that Slim will be getting a small buff in his own self healing( healing burst) but it will be later on…


which was the whole point of my thread, except that if you’re team is really good, youre probably really good too, and youre probably running slim, unless youre just goofing around.