Better colour blind outlines


So I’m a persona who has Deuteranopia commonly known but not quite so accurately called red-green colourblindness

I play with the corresponding option on in game and I have to say after playing for a while (also playing more trapper and rogue val) is that the outlines on monsters are horrific and incredibility difficult to see especially when the game bugs out and goes all white with Caira’s speed boost or the planet scanner.

I don’t know why they choose to have blue and green be the outlines for monsters but it needs changed / much more broadened and easier to see

I could choose tons of images but here is my case including the white screen from the planet scanner

With arrow pointing it out

Now the monster is just on top of that cliff and not any further, So I don’t know about you but I can’t see that for dick.


This would be something for @LadieAuPair
I agree, looks like it needs some tweaking.


Hmmmmm. Thanks for the feedback!


That is nearly indestinguishable from the planet scanner.


Yeah, I’m green-red impaired, too. I’m always cursing when there’s a Markov because I am struggling to see the red mines and usually run into all of them… -.-
I tried the mode that turns green outlines into blue ones. It works fine on every map but Distillery. On Distillery blue outlines are very hard to see. The whole map is a little too bright anyway - especially while in a speed boost.
So I turned it back to normal because overall I can see the green outlines better. Mines are still giving me headaches though.


I got colorblind issue too and every hunter look like he has green name,except assault

Why was not classic Blue-Red-Black-White used for colorblind mode?


I can agree with what’s said here. I’m another person with Deuteranopia and I have to just use the default color settings because nothing else stands out enough. The blue used on the other color schemes blends into the maps too much, I can hardly see it even when I know the monster just went around a corner.


What if there was a color slider to pick what color you wanted and the likes?


This is why I was so excited for Overwatch’s colorblind mode, they have a very nice slider that I can adjust to what works best for me. Unfortunately all it is is just a crappy color filter on the entire game instead of just outlines and names. It was so bad I ended up turning it off and now I just shoot at any thing that moves. I shouldn’t have to play Overwatch like a T-Rex from Jurassic Park! (Slight exaggeration, but you get the idea, it sucks)


As Follow up on the new mode. Depending on the lighting the red buff is also incredibility difficulty to see.
The red is too washed out in the light and that’s one of the -better- pictures.