Better Bug Selection for Slim


Does anyone else find Slim’s Bug Selection to be a little weak? I’m getting used to it but you have to take so much time out to select the right person and you have to have to on the right person until the bug is away. I would much rather you held the button to select the bug and then the person and as soon as you let go of the button it can’t be changed anymore. I find right now it’s a little too floaty. The tiniest last second movement before it locks on can put it on the wrong person.

Does anyone else find that they would prefer to be able to manually lock in who the bug goes too? I just think it would be nice if you could quickly turn, select the person and turn back all the while you are playing through the bug release animation.


I have noticed this too, it can become quite annoying sometimes. Being able to hold down the button like you said is a really good idea and I would be happy to see this added.


You can hold the button down. atleast on xbox one


No but it doesn’t lock in until after like a second is what i mean. You have to be looking at the right person at the end of the animation otherwise it may switch to someone else. Very annoying. I’m sayin that when you lift your finger off the trigger/button it is now locked onto the person you were looking at while the animation finishes.


Can you? I tried it yesterday and it didn’t work. Thanks for the info.


yeah i noticed this too. I would turn to put it on a teammate and after i click, i would move my cursor back to what i was doing. It would just go to someone my cursor passed on the way back to facing the monster.


Exactly, and you’re just like come on! I think the player really needs to have some kind of actuation to select the target to avoid things like this.


It’s a pain in the butt and the only thing I dislike about slim.


Same here lol.