Betrayal At House on the Hill


Only found about this board game in January, but I watched a few videos on it, ended up buying the game and wow is it fun. Has anybody heard/played it before?

The premise of the game is, 3-6 explorers enter an abandoned house on the hill, and must wander the house. You build the house by entering unexplored doorways, then drawing house tiles from a stack which creates a different house layout each time as the stack is shuffled before the game.

As you explore the house, you discover event cards, item cards, and powerful omen cards which have the potential to trigger an event known as “The Haunt”. When the haunt starts after a player fails a roll to avoid the haunt, you cross reference the omen you drew with the room it was discovered in, which then gives you your haunt scenario. Haunts can range from demons spawning from a hell portal trying to slaughter all the survivors, to evil mannequins that overwhelm you, to a hide and seek style mission where you go back in time to prevent your own murder in the future.

But why is it called “Betrayal at House on the Hill” you ask? Well. When the haunt starts, one player is (usually, not always) selected to become the traitor, and often gains powerful abilities in order to take down their former teammates. The traitor’s role varies based on the Haunt you get, but the main goal is often as simple as killing all of the heroes. As traitor, you might become an alien trying to stop the survivors from returning to their dimension, or you could have an army of zombies under your control. OR, you could control 2 evil cats that are hunting down the heroes that have been shrunken down to the size of miniatures.

My point is… if you like games where its you alone vs a group of heroes (sound familiar?), you will probably love this game. If you are a fan of the horror genre and co-op games, you will probably love this game. I’ve had so much fun with this game, and I’m not even close to playing all the haunts. There’s so much variation between all of the rooms, haunts and items and I couldn’t recommend this any more highly. Would love to hear if anyone else has played this or would be interested.

This is the first video I ever watch of the game:


I have played this board game so much I did every possible scenario :laughing: I love it! It’s really good! I want to check out the legacy version


Oh wow that’s super impressive. I’ve got through about 12 haunts from both the base game and the Widow’s Walk expansion. I’ve been interested in the legacy version too but so far there’s nobody I know who would be able to commit to a campaign format consistently :sob:


This sounds like a really cool game. If only I had people to play it with though. :smile:

Will definitely give those videos a watch when I can.


I love this game, but last time I drank a bit too much and forgot what character I was and was moving random pieces all over the board.

Good times!


lol, I probably would have killed you if I’m honest.

@Plaff I would be down, but I think we have a distance problem. :dancer:


I would have killed me too.


If TRS would not mind having a gaming stream…uhm…well…if you guys would be so kind one forlorn, rainy day…it would make a lot of us super happy to see you guys playing…anything at all.



It’s pretty good, the expansion adds a good amount. If you do play, I HIGHLY recommend downloading an updated errata. A LOT of the scenarios have horrible explanations and we have a 100+ page printout that has all the correct errors, typos and better explanations for it.