Beta Unlocks Not Moved To Full Game


I am a huge fan of the game Evolve. I was a part of the Alpha back during Halloween, I played the crap out of the Beta for Xbox One and loved it. I’m just upset because I read from you guys that when Xbox One people played the Beta we would keep all of the items and characters and monsters that we unlocked. Well when I started up the game today it didn’t have any of my stuff unlocked and I was back down to level one.

Now I’m not asking for much, because I was only a level 7, but I want my Lazarus back and I also had the 2nd Hunter; if I remember correctly.

I really enjoy this game and hope it becomes a well liked and well played game but if this can’t be fixed then I might have to give a negative review and possibly return the game.

Please contact me about fixing this issue, my gamer-tag for Xbox is “baptizemygooch”

Thanks and hope you have a wonderful day.


Did you use a 2K account when playing Beta?


If you didn’t use a My2K account during the beta than you are screwed, my friend.


I definitely used a 2K account, so not sure why it isn’t working.


Did you sign in with your 2k account on the full game too?


yeah man, i have. maybe it won’t messed up somehow. I hope that Turtle Rock will fix it though.