Beta Testing


Continuing the discussion from Beta first on Xbox one- Confirmed Jan 2015!:

Agreed. With the PS4 and Xbox one you have set specs. With PC there are so many different configurations that a Beta would be nice to have on the PC side of things as well. I could see that Xbox One could have the exclusive beta for “consoles” while PC could get a Beta since it is not a Console. Hell call it a Charlie test :smiley:

  1. PC already got an exclusive Alpha; don’t be greedy
  2. It was probably paid for by Microsoft and is more of a marketing stunt then anything else.
  3. DamJess has said this beta won’t be our last opportunity to test the game before launch.


Except Alpha to me always implied a smaller amount of people. Beta is more robust testing. Either way as long as you do not have to pre-order to get into the Beta I’ll try to get into the beta on the Xbox One as well. I would be curious to see how it plays on that system vs my PC.


I believe @DamJess or @MacMan confirmed another test before the release… not sure if alpha or beta. It was in response to me I believe but can’t seem to find it scratches head


Yea, they have said it a few times around.

That post of mine was back when there was no info on any PC tests, that it was only going to be Xbox that got ANY kind of beta.

@Anomander: Don’t worry too much, TRS have all but confirmed there will be more tests on PC and this “beta exclusive” is only open beta in January right before release.


@FrontlinerDelta Oh I am not to worried since with my Setup Alpha played great. I just want another go around before the game launches to have some fun playing it and getting used to it. Loved the alpha and was bummed I didn’t get to play it as long as I wanted it too since I had some comitmints already and didn’t think I got into the alpha until Saturday. I truly appreciated @DamJess work she put into the forums during the Alpha and all the Mods and I thought the communication was pretty good.