Beta test (January 2015)


hy all. I have a question.
I have a preorder evolve on steam (for PC). I also can participate in the beta?


I’m not sure, but did you have a chance to play in the previous Alpha version of the game or have BioShock Infinite and/or Left 4 Dead in your games library? Because if so, you’re guaranteed entry in the beta!


i have in my library Leaft 4 Dead 2 (but not install).


Unfortunately, Left 4 Dead 2 does not qualify since Turtle Rock Studios ( the studios that are working on Evolve ) did not work on it. They specifically worked on Left 4 Dead, not its sequel.


Pre-ordering Evolve does not give you access to the Stress-test (“Beta”) that takes places on the 16th, having Left 4 Dead 1 or Bioshock Infinite in your Library (Doesn’t matter if you have it installed or not) or having participated in The Big Alpha does.


ok but it’s absurd that preorder not give access to the beta


Really? I’ve pre-ordered TONS of games, none of which having done so gave me access to the game’s beta. It’s not that uncommon a practice.


Its January P.S.

And spelling :slight_smile:


No, I am pretty sure that’s the Dutch way of spelling it, brother!


All time low on my part