Beta test for Evolve


Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask you something. You will get the Beta phase even here in Europe?


Let’s hope the media doesn’t get a beta test over us. Yes it was 2k :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there even talk of a beta right now


For Xbox, but media outlets sometimes get a demo to tease us buyers.


whats crazy is there is less than three months left. thats reaally close to be only doing an alpha and still announcing a beta later. god i hope they dont delay :,(



The open Beta will be available to mostly everyone in Europe and North America on the Xbox One.

@DamJess has said that they DO need to test all the other servers as well, so it would be weird not to test them in Europe at all!

Don’t worry, the Alpha is only available to North America for specific reasons but the open Beta will be most definitely available to us Europeans! :smile:


Alpha, beta, these terms are thrown around by publisher marketing teams so much they’ve lost nearly all meaning. My guess is Evolve is pretty close to “true” beta, internally. It is probably feature complete and is a lot of balance testing. I would also guess they will be feature locking it by beginning of August and using the last 2 and a half months for optimization and balance.


Points to @FrontlinerDelta for accuracy.

We are already balancing parts of it, but are using the Alpha to lock features.