Beta Talk?


Hmm. they devs say they have a bunch more to release for e3. and we are here gawking at what little they gave us on the pre-show day 1 lol. I am the positive outlook type. what if…just maybe…each platform gets their own beta with each monster!. not only would that be awesome. but they could fix alot while pleasing the fans. idk i will always stay hopeful. I say we try to not get so angry until e3 is over.


lol dare to dream the dreams to big for others to dare to dream.


honestly a limited beta might make me angrier cuz if i have too much fun the wait for the full game would drive me insane lol. my brain is already heavily wrapped around this game. like how to deal with trappers. I don’t need a beta. id like one. but dont really need one.


Oh and I would love one too. I also would love to just have tons of money to just pour into this game and say “Go make more.” But I don’t think we are being shafted or anything, and I believe there is something for all, Xbox is first… but not last. I think there are many opportunities to add to the game in addition to beta testing it as well. All and all I would say don’t worry and be happy.


You and me are alike, brother! Myself, I am happy that it’s coming for the Xbox but at the same time a little peeved that others won’t get it either! :frowning: But on the other hand, it will be a chance for Xbone players to test the game, provide feedback to the devs here and they can make a complete fully polished game that we can all enjoy! And I honestly agree, I think we on the Xbox may have the beta but on the other hand, so little has been announced about it so far so we may just see it on the PS4 or PC even or something different might be planned for those platforms altogether! :thumbsup:


of course the microsoft premier show would say xbox exclusive. in fact they mentioned how nintendo and other companies are innovating for gaming. Did they mention sony? helll no haha that is there sworn enemy. maybe TRS cnt announce it until sonys press conference.


Um, I think they did actually mention Sony, dude! :laughing:


PC guy here used to not caring a bit about counsel gamers. :laughing:


Ok that is a lie, I will indeed be sad that my forum buddies wont be easily accessible via steam. :cry:


Well I have Steam, and I’ll be playing on the console. Steam chat, dude!

Also, there’s an Evolve page on Steam so feel free to join that too!


Already there, buddy. Joined really early.


Ah well there we are then! :thumbsup: