Beta Reader Recruitment


This thread is for any writers who want to seek out beta readers for fanfiction or original work. I’m creating this thread because…well, I need beta readers. I’ve begun a rewrite of Bionicle with my own lore and plot direction, and I recently finished the first act of what would be the first hypothetical year’s storyline. This is by no means what I want the final iteration to look like, and I need second opinions on whether or not it’s compelling, whether it makes sense, etc. Obviously, it isn’t even close to finished, so it’s gonna end on a cliffhanger and I’m not able to show my hand quite yet; but I want to get a sense of the direction I’m taking and what kind of appeal it has.

To that end, I’m gonna start by presenting the format I recommend any other writers use for this thread:

Name: Bonkle [Name pending]
Word count: 29893
State: Early WIP
Premise: Six heroes from a mythic age return to the island of Okoto-Nui, robbed of their memories and thrust into the midst of a battle between gods. They must learn to work with one another and the natives of the island, or the god of darkness will devastate the land.
Help needed: I just want to know whether my style is engaging, my dialogue is believable, and the story makes sense so far. Also, as you can tell by my shitty chapter names, I graduated from the Asgore Dreemurr School of Naming Things, so some feedback with that would help add polish.
Preferred readers: I would like input both from people who are in the loop on Bionicle and those who are uninitiated to the franchise (read: didn’t have a childhood).
Link: On Google Drive. You should be able to comment, but if you can’t, let me know and I’ll fix it.

Anyone else who needs beta readers, go nuts. I don’t want this thread to be just for shilling my crap.


So what I’m understanding from this is that you want readers for criticism? If you want I can read through it. I guess the only problem being I don’t have a lot of time on my hands and I don’t know much about bionicles.

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Like I said, I need to know what people in and out of the loop are gonna think. It’s the start of an entirely new story that shouldn’t require background information to be understood, so if it’s confusing to non-fans, that’s something I need to fix.

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This is a very interesting idea. I for one have a lil’ original WIP story that could use a bit of feedback, hah. I’ll polish it a bit and probably post it here, see if any of y’all could lend a hand!
But with that said…

Insert Gravity Hurts
I’ve been on the loop pretty much my whole life, hahah :p. It’d be a pleasure to look over this rewriting of the story, leave comments throughout and so whenever I find could fit in some feedback!


Wait…BobBricks…aren’t you a well-known MOCer in the community? Coulda sworn I’ve seen some really good MOCs by someone with that name.


Oof I wish, hahah. Never did many Bonkle MOCs myself. That said, I have a good bunch of somewhat recognized drawings of various characters around (both G1 and 2). Maybe that’s where? :p.


Hm, maybe I’m thinking of someone with a similar username. Probably with Bob in it. This guy, maybe?


Doesn’t seem unlikely, hahah. A bunch of pretty cool MOCs there for sure