Beta Question (Not Nooby!)


Hey. Has anybody had Evolve show up in their Steam library? I was in the last Alpha but I’m begginning to worry something’s wrong…


I’ve seen a couple say this an the responses where to be patient i don’t blame you i would think something was wrong to. Should be there soon


Last test with Big Alpha we only got to download the game less then 24 hrs before it would start but its via steam so full speed. It will come!


Hey do you guys know if it will download the WHOLE thing? Or will it download updates based on the old version of evolve I got from the big alpha? Did it just delete itself when the alpha ended? Or did it re-encode itself?

Should this be a separate topic?


I can try to answer you here, no need for that.

It will check for files and then probably redownload the whole thing. Honestly, there’s a possibility of an update, but that is on steam’s lovely download system.

From what I know the files are still there, if you haven’t deleted them manually. Not sure if they got re-encoded or not, since I deleted mine, but it did shut down internet acces after Big Alpha, so the copy is of no playing value.


Steams caps my downloads around 60-70 MBps :’(


damn you and your google fiber


The annoying thing is that one day I’ll most likely be moving and not having Google Fiber in the new area, at least not right away depending on what my new job title will be.


Meanwhile, I’m stuck with just a microwave antenna and steam caps them downloads at 5 Mbps for no particular reason.


Lo Siento :’(


I get 2MBps. It sucks so hard…


ATM I believe only people that pre-ordered directly from steam can see evolve in their library.


At the moment. But closer to the Beta, all those who are eligible will see it/get an email.


Wondering the same thing. I was part of the original Alpha and loved it.
Had an invite to the Big Alpha, but didn’t get to play it much due to the holiday.

So, now I see an open beta listed as coming soon, but no email received or seeing it on steam.


I’m guessing we will get it a day or two prior to the beta, like previously.


It’s not available just yet, stay tuned!


This is just me speculating/hoping, but new content such as DLC typically is available in the Marketplace starting at 2:00am PST on Tuesday mornings. It would be spectacular if the pre-download is available then as well.

I am way too excited for the beta, just need to make sure all of my affairs are in order by Wednesday night.


This is correct. I pre-ordered Evolve shortly after the Alpha, and I had it in my game library since then.