Beta Question: Console to PC


So I played a whole bunch of the Big Alpha on Xbox One and loved it. Since then, however, I have built a gaming PC (i7-4790K, 8GB Ram, GTX 970, etc etc) and would love to check this out on PC now. Is there any way to play the PC beta if I have only played the Big Alpha on Xbox One?


Not likely. However, it seems that some of the streamers have been given keys to hand out. I would try to get one. Barring that, it may be possible that Stea, Users might be given keys as well to help promote the game.


That’s what I was afraid of. Oh well, I’ll still be able to play on Xbox One, I just imagine this would look awesome on PC. I see you can buy L4D, but I already have L4D2 and it’s not worth it to me to pay $20 for beta access. Thanks for the help though.


Sure thing. Keep an eye on the forums. I know that the Devs said they would be release some information today/tomorrow regarding the Beta as well as PC specifically.


Sweet will do, was hoping it would be codes again so I could trade for PC (had like 4 codes for the big alpha that I gave away on twitter) but if it’s open that’s not likely to be the case.


You can also buy BioShock Infinite to get access. Also I assume pre-ordering still works for access. You can pre-order for free on amazon and cancel anytime.


That’s even more, still at $30.


This. Amazon doesn’t charge until game ships. However, not 100% if pre-ordering gives you access for the Beta this close to it opening. Couldn’t hurt. Just remind yourself to cancel next week :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh snap. I might have to check into that then. I didn’t even think about that. I’ll wait and see if they send some more info out today.


Well played my friend, well played.

Console gamers, take note :smiley: