Beta question- all monsters?


I’m sure we are going to find out soon when the beta date gets closer, but I’m just curious if anyone knows yet: will we be able to play all three monsters in the beta? And also, will we be able to play all of the hunters?


Beta will include all revealed features as far as I’m aware.


My guess is yes (sans the 4th monster, since it’s a post-release DLC)

The beta MAY be like the alpha, seemingly modified so that you can (for the duration of the beta) attain the possibility of getting to later-release monsters by increasing the XP gained more than what will be in the final product.


The Evac. campaign may only be for XBone…it’s strange how it’s often worded for the XBox and sounds as if it’s only going to be on the XBox. This may or may not be true. Even if it is, you will still get the modes available that run for the Evac. mode, just in single matches. So you could play Rescue, Defend, Nest, and Hunt, just not strung together in a row of 5…such is my current understanding. But again, it could just be the wording from the Beta release for XBox One making Evac. mode seem exclusive to it. As for monsters, I am sure they will all be available but you will have to unlock them.


The beta date is 10th january


no bueno if so.


Whas it mentioned somewhere ?


they mentioned it in an interview i think


then perfect exactly on a Saturday


Not the 10th, the 15th.


If anyone has a link to the information from an official source where the beta start date was stated I would love to see it.


Evolve’s beta starts January 15, 2015 exclusively on Xbox One, Microsoft confirmed today at Gamescom. Microsoft reaffirmed downloadable content will be released first on Xbox One. No beta registration process has been announced.

Last week, Evolve was delayed until February, after being originally scheduled for release this October. A PC-only alpha test recently took place, and the Evolve Twitter account confirmed there will be more opportunities to join future alpha programs.


It’s for all platforms, the beta is exclusive to xb1.


That’s from August. Plenty could have changed since then.


From the hints TRS have dropped I would expect a CLOSED beta for PC and PS4 (ie, need codes) with only hunt while Xbox will probably be an open beta (no registration) and you will be able to play evacuation.

However, don’t hold your breath for a beta if you are not on Xbone. Microsoft may have shoved enough money at 2K to get them to do no public beta for anything other than Xbox One (obviously there will be internal betas still for PC and PS4 for optimization).


Thanks for that, the reliability of Microsoft and Gamespot is questionable and it is odd that nothing has been said since August but at least I know where that information is coming from and can look into it further.

Edit: dug up the original announcement video that TRS did with Microsoft and everyone just said January, with no date so Gamespot seem to have just pulled that date out of their arses from my research. Gaming journalism just writing whatever they want, who’d a thunk it.


I hope so, I am addicted and I need to play it on my PC asap ! :frowning:


Re the OPs question, I found these 2 posts today when looking for something else with regards to the beta.

Also from the most recent livestream right at the start it was said that the beta will be on the 10th of Jan, proving gamespot pulled that date out of their ass.

Livestream Dec 12th

I heard rumors that the Kraken was nerfed on flying time and lighting strike....Why Turtle Rock...I was going to make him my main... ;_;


Wait, I know that his vortex was nerfed. His width and damage but I’ve never heard about nerfing lightning strike and flying time? Is there any other topic about those nerfs? :open_mouth: