Beta on Xbox One only? That's a slap in the face


Seriously, why the favoritism? I can think of no good reason to warrant this kind of move, especially when the XBOne is probably the smallest market to tap. Having hit level 25 in the alpha this weekend and unlocked four of the five locked characters I’m already jonesing for more. Having to sit back and not play it while others get to because my system of choice isn’t the chosen one is going to be infuriating.


I think ps4 has the least players on it idk don’t have the stats just a guess.

But the open beta for xbox is the only1 announced atm, pc and ps4 can still have a closed beta ( my opinion not a fact ).


It’s about politics and money - Xbox has been paying companies lavishly for exclusives. I’m just glad it is a time exclusive and not content exclusive.

Plus, there may be a closed beta. Xbox says exclusive open beta. Don’t get hopes too high though. Worst case scenario, we play again in February!


I’m not saying I don’t want to play but how many major games have you even gotten to play for an entire weekend months before release?

I’ve played in 2 alphas and they are doing an xbone only beta, so what?

Be annoyed about the politics all you want but slap in the face is going a bit far, we’re lucky to have gotten as much as we already have for nothing.


I feel like there’s a growing sense of entitlement in some gamers today. That they DESERVE to have early trial periods with games. Whatever happened to simply waiting for a game to release and buying it? I’m thankful that I’ve been allowed to help test Evolve. If the publishers and devs want to get extra money from Microsoft for some exclusive beta, so be it. I’m not owed a beta testing period. I haven’t done anything to warrant extra game time prior to release. It’s most definitely not a slap in my face. If Sony or Gaben want to pony up the cash for an exclusive beta, let them. Until that happens, people need to realise that alpha/beta tests are not mandatory and it’s a privilege if we get into them.


Buncha Veruca Salts over here


What happened to having demos of games that you could play before buying them? All good PC games had demos back in the day, and they took that away. That in particular is why I torrent a lot of SP games, to try them out before I dish out cash. Because games are extremely expensive, the most expensive medium out there currently (and I mean besides extreme expensive art/collector’s items like comic books). So yeah, it’s nice to try out the game in as full a form as possible before purchasing it.


That’s part of the reason why they launched this Big Alpha on all platforms and made it very public that they wanted as many people as possible in this.


Microsoft has a lot of money.

Xbox One didn’t sell very well, so they want more money.

Evolve is an increasingly popular game.

The Evolve Beta is free for erry-body.

Do the maths, it’s a way to bring in new players who wouldn’t normally use an Xbox. Hell, sony is doing that with the PS3 in a way that will probably make me buy it.


I mostly agree with your core message, but I have to take issue with this. As gamers we all should be against this practice. Spend that money on making games. Don’t waste it on exclusive demos or timed releases. It’s Microsoft’s hand doing the slapping here. Rumor has it that if Microsoft redirected all the money they spent this year on exclusive demos and timed exclusive content they could have easily provided enough funds to get Bayonetta 2 multiplatform.

You are right though. We’re not owed an alpha or beta or demo. They sure are nice to have and are great marketing tools though. Worked on me.