Beta? More like alpha!


In mere 10 minutes I experienced more bugs than in a whole year! Which says a lot considering this was in beta since day 1.
But my experience was this:

  1. Can’t connect to servers.
  2. Being kicked out of lobby.
  3. Game gave us different characters than we chose.
  4. Game gave us different perks than we chose.
  5. Game kicked us out of game.

So far splendid job guys! After year waiting for this I can’t play it anymore. AT ALL!


2, 3, and 5 are known to my knowledge. 4 is new, can you elaborate?

Also cut back on the sarsaparilla, I don’t think you need the extra sass. :wink:


Terepin comes with sass built in, no need to add more, buddy :wink:

On number 1, when does this happen? Is it during a game or is it before you try to enter match making?

You know the drill, @Terepin, details as much and as calmly as you can give :slight_smile:


Yes, but you forgot the firmware update to TU9_Sass.exe :wink:

Have you tried turning him off and back on again?


In lobby.

Anyway, is there a time table when they will allow me to pick hunters I want?


It doesn’t happen all the time I’ve been playing for hours and it’s happened maybe 4 times to me.


It also happened 4 times to me. In 4 matches…


1, 2, and 5 are probably because the servers are overloaded. Wouldn’t be the first game that collapses because more players showed up than expected. It’s not the worst case scenario. :smiley:
But that’s what betas are for. Break things and fix things.

3 and 4 are known and hopefully will be fixed soon with those weekly patches.


3 and 4 I have been experiencing both as monster and hunters. It is truly madding when trying out a team comp or having all of my monster perks set to 1 each and having the free rotation monster/hunter set for me.

  1. Seems like you guys somehow found more servers than were ready and up. Shouldn’t have been a problem for long. Checking into it more…
  2. Known. We’re on it.
  3. Known, fixed, already in QA.
  4. See 3. I think these two are related anyway.
  5. Known. We’re on it.

Stage 2: Worst round ever (logged issues)
So when do you think the rotation bug will be fixed?


Oh, and the first two weeks were almost called an Alpha :wink:


I don’t have stage 2 cause my laptop can not support the graphics but I have watched several games on twitch this game looks perfect have not seen a bug or glitch yet really hope it comes to xbox one with in the next week.


Will you fix kicking out of lobby or what?!


It’s been a few days. They fixed one bug quickly they’ll fix the others as quickly as they can.


ASAP. It’s one of the top priorities.

Fingers crossed for this week