Beta legacy player giving suggestions



First off I just wanna start by saying this patch is amazing it exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I’m just gonna make a list of the things i think should be addressed.

  1. Currently before I max out a character I can’t see what I’m about to unlock and I’d like to be able to scroll down and see.
  2. If you could see the characters abilities in the menu.
  3. Add back in the tutorial videos for competently new players who just wanna jump right in.
  4. Kala, Slims Spore, Blitz Markov’s Tesla, Laz, Emet’s heal burst actual health gain, and Normal Hanks shield should all be looked at and receive minor buffs to help them out. Kala in particular is extremely weak and serves no purpose as a support. Theres almost no reason to pick her especially over bucket and Cabot.
  5. An inventory system to keep track of skins.
  6. Kraken should be able to auto and only auto after vortex and banshee’s.

If you do one thing on this list be let it be this. Add back in monster pounces without something infront of them and please please please give us points for customs, I’m always in customs with my friends and we don’t get anything for it. As for pouncing, I main trapper and hunter in general and i really feel like monsters should be able to pounce whenever they want.

Thanks for the patch guys keep up the great work :slight_smile:



kek This is a joke right? Kala is an amazing Support, and enables the most map-wide mobility and quickest escape routes of any Hunter. Her Sirens also do great damage for a Support weapon, along with the Armor Reducer being good utility for forcing a Monster to move or shift focus. She’s a lot harder to use effectively, which makes her seem useless, but the truth couldn’t be more to the contrary.

It actually has good damage output, but you HAVE TO keep the beam from breaking in order to get even passable damage output from it. Same with the mines. They require a bit more planning to use, but he is capable of far more damage than OG Markov.

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First of all Kala’s teleporter take 5 billion years to arm and have no purpose in combat against competent monsters. Second her armor reducer makes no sense when you can melt it with cabot and it doesnt come back. 3rd her sirens may do good damage but no where near enough to compare to the damage out that bucket and cabot provide. Finally, blitz markovs damage is more in consistent than torvlad if the monster jumps over you or moves to fast it breaks and you have to spend an hour getting it back to gold.


I’m surprised you didn’t comment on [quote=“Parker, post:1, topic:89509”]
Normal Hanks shield should all be looked at and receive minor buffs

So right now I’m getting at a minimum double the shielding I used to get in legacy. The most I shielded was 40k. If anything I think Hanks shielding might need toning down but that’ll probably change once we see more skilled monsters. 12k used to be extremely good for me in legacy now it’s mediocre and we probably killed the monster extremely fast.


Try 5 seconds. Close, though. Also, you don’t throw it out in the open. You throw it behind something, or out of the Monster’s LoS.

You can’t accurately compare the two items. They serve different purposes. For example - Cabot can melt it pretty quickly, sure, but after that, the damage is gone. No more boost because you wasted it on armor. Kala, on the other hand, allows for IMMEDIATE health damage, disregarding armor entirely.

She actually does do comparable damage, and can even do more, provided you use the mines properly by letting them hit a surface and turn red. That way, she surpasses ALL Supports in terms of damage.

Well, I never tried to say that. I’m saying he’s not terribly weak, and can actually output a fair amount of damage.

I don’t use/fight him much so meh.


All of that shielding is coming from the shield burst. Normals hanks reload should be nerfed and his base capacity should be increased. Tech hank can shield his whole team the same as normal hank AND his shield doesnt deteriorate after a few seconds. Normal Hanks job should be focused on single target shielding and stronger on that 1 person than tech while techs should be stronger against multiple people. It’s like comparing Val to Slim. Val being Hank and Slim being tech hank.


Hank does not need buffs. He is one of the stronger supports imo. They’re actually all pretty balanced, they just need the right comp.

Kala has high potential, but just like old Laz, things can go downhill very fast.


It’s not suppose to be a repositioning tool (in terms of combat). It’s suppose to be a mobility tool, so the hunters can expedite hunting and trapping.

The major difference is (near) instant health damage, not accelerating damage, like what Cabot does.

A good Kala will use the beam regularly so the team can bypass any armor.

How does Kala outplay Cabot? If Kala uses her reducer regularly, the monster will lose health with the armor protecting it from ~10% of damage. If the monster tries to stick around after losing some health, there is a strong possibility that the monster will lose more health damage forcing the monster to disengage or risk more health loss. A monster will just flee after losing all its armor with Cabot.


Part of it is not all of it and it still counts as shields. It also seems to regen much faster. 5 seconds with 21% recharge speed it used to be 8 seconds no recharge speed which would end up 6.6 secondish.

He also can’t block burst abilities and can’t reapply shields well to people being focused. You get shields at the start of the fight for everyone but once they’re gone you’re getting shields only from the shield burst.

Thats good that he is then.

Or wait till BMarkov hits 3x on his beam


For everyone arguing with me over kala’s armor reducer compared to cabots amp. Cabots amp DOES have a recharge I promise you. So when all that armor is gone just as fast as kala’s reducer you still have that double damage to the monsters health. Especially now when the dome is 5 minutes and you are guaranteed health damage (or your team just dies instantly which in that case means it doesnt matter what support you have), the armor reducer has no use now because the monster WILL take damage in the dome and you don’t need her armor reducer because you have 5 minutes to break the monsters armor.


Bad idea. No one wants them back; not when by removing them they reduced the size of the game drastically.

They didn’t even help in the first place, all they did was take up space. Bringing them back would be a terrible idea.

I strongly disagree and others have stated my exact reasoning. Kala is great, Slim’s Spores are no longer toxic, BM’s Tesla Gun has amazing damage output since I’ve mained him anytime I’m Assault, Laz is another main of mine and he’s perfectly okay when played well and Emet is fine as well.


[quote=“10shredder00, post:11, topic:89509”]
and he’s perfectly okay when played well and Emet is fine as wel
Kala is obsolete like I’ve mentioned above and I’m not repeating myself. Slims Spores are completely useless and I understand how toxic they were, but that doesnt mean an entire part of his kit should be useless. Emets heal burst while may be only on a 5 second cd, its not even close to enough. I have literally no reason to pick Emet he excels and provides nothing. Even with his respawn becon its so obvious and useless now because of the new drop ship timer. Laz is even worse. Why would you pick Laz when you could pick rogue val and just keep the person from dying. With Laz you run a huge risk of getting a rez then the monster killing you right after and losing the game. Laz is just to inconsistent especially now that people get strikes when they completely die out of incap


That’s your opinion, I can objectively tell you that you are wrong.

Each support has their own qualities and fulfills them in different ways. She can do direct HP damage, bypassing all armor and avoiding a 30 minute game cheese by just chipping HP away. She can also out-damage all Supports when played well and her portals have an insane amount of utility.

You may think she is obsolete but that is your opinion and I can tell you for a fact, you are wrong. Just because you think she isn’t good doesn’t mean she isn’t good.

I’m not one who can speak about spores. I demanded that they be less toxic; that was all I wanted from TRS and anybody can back me up on that. I wanted fairness for everyone, we got it. As far as his balance? I’ve seen good and bad Slims so far so until someone can show me definitive proof otherwise, he’s fine as he is.[quote=“Parker, post:12, topic:89509”]
Emets heal burst while may be only on a 5 second cd, its not even close to enough. I have literally no reason to pick Emet he excels and provides nothing. Even with his respawn becon its so obvious and useless now because of the new drop ship timer.

Again; I’ve seen good and I’ve seen bad Emets. Until there is definitive proof against his performance I will say he’s fine. He has the highest damage output of all medics last I checked and he has a large area of healing. He has pros and cons like all Hunters should, that doesn’t mean they need to be buffed to remove those cons.

As I said above, when I get Medic I play Lazarus, I find his current balance to be fine and again I’ve fought good and bad Monsters; I think he’s fine. These people don’t need buffs.

##TL;DR The update has literally been out for three days. Wait for telemetry to show useable data then adjust accordingly. As everything stands as it is I see no issue with balance, especially not with the characters you named. It’s been three days, don’t throw such a fit over what may or may not be balanced or not.