Beta! is coming



Woot! PC and PS4 NON open beta is now confirmed :smiley:


Little bummer that we wont be able to play Tier 3


But we can keep the unlocked characters so it will be super fast come game release time!


Well only the Xbox one players^^


So the only ones who matter? :wink:


Well I unlocked them once, I will unlocke them a seconde time in Jannuary and in February the 3rd time I will unlock them will be as easy as breathing^^


I called it… i knew the key word was “open” for Xbone. WOOT for PC “Closed” beta!!!


Well, I guess my goal during the beta will be to get the Kraken as high as possible. Like atleast 2 stars in each area. That way when the game releases in February, I’ll have enough to play the wraith right out of the box. Imagine pub stomping level 1 noobs with a wraith! They’d be lost and confused facing a Kraken, a Wraith might make their heads explode! lol :smiley:


It comes out on the last day of my mock exams!


Why can’t we play wraith? Make it xbone exclusive lol.


I love this


Homies, there is a PC and PS4 beta, they are just smaller. If you got into the Big Alpha you can play the beta.


See, check it. Even got a link.


Gee… thanks for the link… again :stuck_out_tongue: