Beta Heal Burst Discussion


Anyone else finding the Heal Burst more useful than it was before? I swear it has a greater range as well.

All in all I think it’s been putting in good work for me. I’ve had a few games as Laz I didn’t even have to revive lol (not the greatest monster but still!!!).


on laz i swear its faster lol. with the right perk its 6.5 seconds. thats not alot of time to kill laz…


Haven’t played too much medic but it does seem like it.


Laz heal burst was always faster.


It is faster i forgot how much faster though its because he’s not a good healer, that’s why he has a shorter cool down


Alos heals for less than Val/Caira to.


I know it was faster but they feel more useful… maybe I’m just getting better with them idk.


I think it’s just experience and knowing what to notice. It always had a huge range in the Big Alpha as well, they might have changed the ‘heal radius’ visually to help and that is what you are noticing?