Beta Feedback - First second impression


So, i’m one of those people that purchased the game at launch, enjoyed it, played for a bit, but ultimately left due to poor response. I’m excited, but cautiously optimistic about the game going to f2p.

For the most part I will try to treat this as a ‘new’ experience and not bring any biases I may have from the previous title. IE: in my head right now this is a brand new game. I’ll do my best to avoid any legacy specific comments unless they are also brought up in other threads.


not sure what happened here, but this has gotten worse. navigating menus and trying to find stuff is awful. not intuitive at all. takes far too many clicks to get to useful information, and often that information is buried in a weird place.

As a player, there are a few things I care about having easy access to. getting to a match, and reading about other hunters/monsters. When I get face wrecked as a new player, i want to be able to educate myself on what that character does, what their abilities are, etc. it’s almost impossible to get this information if you haven’t already purchased the hunter/monster. need greater ease of access.

I would absolutely love an ‘intel’ section in the extras. this can have the bios of the hunters, monsters, etc. in one easy to find place.


Perks are weird. Having played a lot of MOBA type games i understand what you’re going for. but it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

why do i need three tiers of perks? why isn’t it just one tier? why does each individual perk itself also need three tiers/upgrades?

i get that we need some sort of money sink, but this just does not feel good. as an engineer i’m confused at this design decision. as a player i’m just confused. The goal of it is clear, but the execution is poor. Please only pick one aspect to add tiers. it’s needless complex, hard to follow, and unintuitive. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you were going for. right now it’s a newbie trap. it took me 10-15 minutes to fully wrap my head around it and that’s too long.

In addition to this, I think it would be nice to be able to change loadouts. this is a bit more complex and not worth getting into now (as it’s a new feature and not fixing something you’ve already put in place) . either way i’d like to see additional customization available. i think the alternative characters is a good starting place, but I’d expect a more elegant solution from a AAA game/studio. what you have now is something i’d expect from a cheap knock-off korean indy studio.

Would be nice to have pros/cons to loadouts as well. IE: where lighter armor and get some CD reduction and movement speed but have less health. but again, this would be a long term goal to be considered only after initial balance is achieved. If it is an acceptable goal to begin with.

My take away here is Perks right now are bad. they are complicated, convoluted, etc. basically everything you don’t want in a perk system. from a casual perspective i think it will be overwhelming for some players. there are far far far better ways to handle what you’re wanting to accomplish.


we have two (maybe three, i haven’t messed with ranked yet as i’m not high enough level) forms of progression currently. one is a global account progression (basically to unlock ranked, but i’m not sure if there are other benefits) and character progression (to get money, perks, and eventually an elite skin).

Rate of progression feels pretty good. with casual play I think i could get a single hunter to 40 in 2 or 3 weeks. this is a good pace.

I haven’t looked into this too deeply yet, so i’m not going to comment too much other than the current pace feels pretty good. I played maybe 2 or 3 hours and felt like i was where i was supposed to be. Provided this isn’t needlessly complex like the perk system, i don’t think there are too many problems here.

Gameplay and Class Balance:

I read the message to the community before posting this, and there is one glaring thing that stuck out to me:

“We’re reworking the hunter classes to make the team less reliant on having experienced trappers and medics.”

Right now you’re not even close. I’ve mainly been playing Medic, Support, and Trapper. after about 3 matches last night i decided to set my preference to medic => trapper => support => assault from medic => support => assault => trapper.

Mostly because these two roles are still critical. Before i couldn’t play trapper at all (I was just terrible at it) so moving dome to all hunters was a good idea. but the utility of these two classes is still too important.

in almost every game I lost, there was a clear reason why. The medic was killed first in every skirmish. at lower levels of play (when players are first starting out) they haven’t yet figured out how to work as a team. they haven’t learned how to position themselves in a formation around the monster, or any of the other little nuances you learn as you become more experienced.

As a monster it’s not hard to figure out to kill the medic first. if you can take the medic out, or make him panic and run away, then you’ve won the skirmish. there aren’t enough obvious things a team of hunters can do (other than just run away) if they lose their medic. furthermore it’s not explained well enough in the tutorial what to do when you’re being focused. This one is pretty easy to fix, and i hope to see this added to the tutorial. specifically i’d like to see the action pause during the tutorial to point out positioning strategies and what to look for when you’re being camped. i don’t think it’s reasonable to expect players to figure it out naturally and i’d hate to see game balance shift to make it more forgiving. so please work harder on educating players on how to play your unique game.

As a trapper I feel kind of useless. I’m not very familiar with these characters in general and i recognize that as part of the problem. however certain trappers don’t feel impactful enough. i don’t have any gauge to really tell me if i’m being effective. this may vary from trapper to trapper, but maggie especially needs some help with her harpoon traps. it’s too easy to just ignore and the monster can almost accidentally get out of it/destroy it. Crow felt a small bit better, but i still had almost no idea if i was helping or hurting my team with what i was doing and how i was using my abilities. for many of the trappers, two of the 4 abilities aren’t useful in battle or have limited/niche use that requires a bit of setup.

Playing trapper feels pretty good while chasing the monster .but once you have it cornered trapper feels mostly underwhelming. I haven’t seen anyone with trapper as their preferred class in MMing yet. and i think this is probably why.

I think trappers are supposed to primarily be zone control and debuffs. right now i don’t think they do either well. I would love to see another layer added to hunter, where they can help lure the monster to specific areas of the map to setup ambushes. IE: i’d like to see trappers get some sort of ability to encourage the monster to move in certain patterns. right now all we can really do is chase the monster. our only prediction comes from hours of gameplay and knowing optimal feeding paths and laying in wait for the monster to get to a specific area to feed. improving the role of the trapper will really give hunters more strategic depth.

Right now, I think this is the primary reason the monster feels overtuned vs hunters, especially at lower levels of play.

Note: as i’m sub level 10, i’m relying on second hand information about higher levels of play and the comments i’ve seen here and on reddit.

I’d like to see more depth in environmental hazards as well. specifically i’d like hunters to be able to use environmental hazards to help combat the monster. even better if the trapper can help lure monsters into such traps. Such as being able to destroy a rock face to slow/damage a monster. or in maps like the aviary being able to cut off whole sections of the map forcing the monster to either clear the path or have smaller hunting grounds/fewer escape paths.