Anyone who knows, when the next Alpha or beta will be up? I bought the game same day as the Alpha ended, so sad I didn’t get to play it!


January is when the Xbox One beta begins, I don’t know about anything between that.


The only thing confirmed is the open beta for xbox one in january.


Darn, was hoping for some info on the PC beta :slight_smile:


I am hoping on a closed beta for pc/ps4 :slight_smile: but we will have to wait until end december or something ( what i think nothing said about a date) to have more info if PC/PS4 gets something ^^


@TheFlorist @DamJess said there would Potentially come a beta for PC :smiley: keep your hopes up!


I know it wasn’t TRS’s fault about all the PS4 problems but having a beta after that for just Xbox one and PC is probably going to make a lot of people mad.


Ofcourse there will be a beta for the PS4 if there is one for the PC, just nothing confirmed yet. Only the xbox one open beta.


Yeah I said that she said " Potentially" not that it was confirmed!


This would be a really big shock for the game if only Xbone one gets some beta


The only thing we can maybe get is a closed beta. ( my opinion )


January for xbox open beta? Hopefully there will be closed beta on PC before that or I’m completely f**ked since my conscription starts on the 5th of January and it will last 6-12 months…


My 2c on the issue; Pure educated speculation.

Xbox exclusive early access to the beta is something they were paid by xbox to do. If I’m not mistaken, the wording I saw implies they were only paid to have the xbox beta start earlier, and to advertise it as such. For this reason, I think TRS are probably legally bound to NOT announce the PC/PS4 beta that opens after the Xbox one simply as part of the contract. Hence why there are only vague allusions to it and precise wording.

Naturally, given the nature of a beta, they would want (And almost have to) test it on all systems. I see no reasons why they wouldn’t have a beta on PC/Ps4 as soon as their contract with microsoft allows for, while opening the Xbox Beta earlier. Technically this could be a one day head start for the xbox one if the contract allowed, though that’s unlikely and just wishful thinking ;]

So unless something is announced, I personally will keep believing this. I assume they are restricted from even saying this (At least in these words) but as far as I know I have no restrictions from speculating it and hopefully putting all your minds at ease =3

As for closed beta, if there is you may not even hear of it, as usually there would be NDA’s and such to follow. Thought generally as long as it kept hush as an actual CLOSED beta (Or more alpha, closed or otherwise), it probably wouldn’t conflict with the contract for xbox exclusive first open beta ;]


well i think to stress the server the will be at least one open beta for pc, but it will be shortly before the game released like between the beta for xbox1 and the release (pure speculation).


I would very much hope will see a PC beta. It’s not because I would like more time with the game but the PC market is much less controlled than the console market in terms of hardware. The potential for bugs is much higher on PC.

Myself and several others ran into a bug where special abilities wouldn’t work when playing monster (can’t eat, evolve, or special attack). I don’t know if it was ever reported on consoles as happening but there seems like so much more room for issues for PC.

Either that or I hope they don’t come out of the gates with leaderboards on the PC without thorough testing.