Best Wraith starting strategy


I got this idea from something I saw reading around here and just kind of built on it from there, but the basic idea is at the beginning of the match you put two points into warp blast and one into decoy. When you get into the game the very first thing you do is look straight up, use your warp, and tada! You now have a commanding view of the whole map before the pesky hunters even get there.

As you gently float down you will be able to blink forward 4-5 times before you even hit the ground; this leaves no tracks and I have traversed almost half the map on several occasions before landing, giving you a practically free first evo. If you are lucky (and the hunters don’t have daisy) they might not even pick the right direction when they start off, I’ve very quickly gotten to level 2 completely un-harassed by being able to just park in one food-rich area and kill/eat everything in 1 go before they even FIND me lol.

The best part is that this strategy is completely reusable! Hunters catching up on you? Blast yourself into near-orbit, drop a decoy and blink half-way 'round the map. Feed up, find some perks and come back as an unstoppable level 3 grim reaper of DOOM!

OK, comments? Concerns? General rage at wraith’s OP-edness? Even better, Constructive criticism? Fire away!


We already have like five or ten of these topics. For cleanness sake, I’ll close this one down. feel free to discuss in one of those! And just so you know, it’s been announced that Wraith is being looked at and tweaked to be more fair.