Best weapon skin so far


what do you think is the best looking weapon skin so far and what weapon do you think it goes with best? Personally Lazarus :lazarus_cute: with Phoenix skin right now


Bucket with the leviathan skin, my turrets look fabulous with it!


Don’t own most of them but saw someone on ps live with that new medic one the Orange blue white one looks great forgot the name of it my bad but yeah the colours are vibrant looking


its called Phoenix


Yeah that one is very nice looking a lot of the ones in store look a bit dull looking I like bright colours


Phoenix is too bright for me.


I like the Phoenix skins for the medics.

I also like markov’s arctic hunt skin.


I wouldn’t have minded the Arctic skin. But, it’s app required. And I don’t use cell phones.


Markov arctic skin is meh, Hyde’s elite skin is my favorite weapon skin and my favorite monster skin is a tie between voodoo goliath and jade behemoth


Voodoo Goliath is awesome


Maggie’s looks cool too. And I’m guessing Val is next then Hank.


Plus, if it’s free, it’s for me.


Phoenix is a little garish to me. Right now I loooooove the Cabot elite skin, blue and gold looks fabulous on his weaponry. I think the Support Predator skins will be better though. If we get them. :3


Just bought the Phoenix skins today. They are a little much, but I love them anyway. They kinda remind me of Sabine’s artwork from Star Wars: Rebels, so I just like to pretend that Sunny decided to get creative with everyone’s guns. :smiley:


I love the arctic skins. White is just awesome.


Val phoenix. That white and blue is practically glowing and just so damn awsome. If it was any less bright I probably wouldn’t like it but damn.

The blue skin whatever it’s called (saviour?) is damn amaizing on the laz glove as my second place.