Best way to gain stars on weapons for each hunter


I have all hunters and i have mastered 5 (Val, Lazarus, Caira, Maggie and Crow) and I’m wondering what is the best mode or strategy for each hunter and each tier (minus tier 1 all my hunters are past it). Any tips are welcome


To be honest, defend seems like the best thing to grind for mastery and if needed go to different game modes


I’ll try that. Thanks


Yeah I always go defend for headshot damage. I got Cabots 3rd Railgun star in 2 defend matches against kraken, he has a big face. :stuck_out_tongue:


Defend is really good for any stars that require damage.

Rescue is mostly good for medics. Most of their later stars require picking up incapacitated people, and rescue have a bunch of these.

Nest is good for a few certain stuffs like Hyde’s grenade.

And then there are a few annoying ones that are really hard to complete unless you have friends assisting you.


What ones are annoying?


depends on if you have the DLC hunters or not.

in my experience, any mastery that requires you to do “X, but only per game” is annoying. Example: Lazarus. Have to cloak revive X number of people and also revive X number of teammates in a match, and it only counts for 1 towards the Elite Status.

Also Slim is annoying to Elite (Spore Launcher). Behemoth used to be terrifyingly annoying to Elite but then they solved the Tongue Grab thing by making it only 20 (or 50? i had Elite before they changed it) instead of 175 tongue grabs on flying hunters.

and yeah, anytime you have to get “X amount of headshots” on a monster or “X amount of headshot damage” (staring at Markov for the second one) it’s great to use Defend mode against an A.I. Kraken b/c it has the largest head out of all 4 (while Behemoth’s weakspot is larger, his head is definitely smaller than Kraken’s… and also his weakspot doesn’t count for headshot masteries :’( )


I have earned multiple points with ones that say per game (Caira’s Adrenalin field) because it counts for each teammate affected. And i HATE head-shot damage ones…


I haven’t even gotten Caira out of 2-star range yet xD I don’t like using her that much, personally.

But Lazarus can only gain one tick per round in his 3-star rez ones… the sniper rifle has to get like 175 headshots or something.

All in all, i got the headshots before i managed to get the resurrection ones b/c none of my A.I. bretheren ever die >_> the A.I. monster tries to chase me… fails… and then refuses to hit anyone else b/c it’s upset that it can’t hurt me.

Easiest way to get cloak/glove to 3-star: lots of Rescue. 1 tick per round of around 20 ticks… still worth for that gold-plated gauntlet.


I have mastered all medics (minus slim who im trying to master) and i want to master slim, sunny, torvald, abe, parnell, bucket and cabbot then the others (and for monsters i wanna master the only one im good at. BEHEMOTH!)


I’ve mastered every support, Lazarus, Hyde, Goliath/Behemoth (working on Wraith right now, gonna do Kraken right after Wraith.)

Gonna work on medics, then Assaults, then Trappers last. I love playing Trapper, but it’s unfair for Monsters if i play Trapper xD

Plus all my favorite characters (not counting Laz/Hyde ofc) are in the Support class.


Just curious…but do you have steam? If so…would you like to add me so we can play evolve togeather some time? :wink:


yeah, my steam name is the same as my forum name, without the underscore.

I’ve got a picture of Urahara Kisuke as my profile pic.

My internet is horrible tho, or i would farm all my Elites in PvP… gotta make do with what i’m given though.


My steam name is my forum name. Add me when ever you want but i cant be on until tomorrow afternoon because of school.


Defend against a kraken for headshot damage. Behemoth for other damage requirements on defend with a high wildlife population. Griffin tier 3 harpoon gun play against a kraken and for tier 3 sensors play hunt on a small map with low wildlife set(I use aviary)and set sensors very far and chase the monster through them. Markov’s arc mines are giving me issues. I’ve been placing those around turrets in defend against an AI monster(Goliath works best because of limited ranged attacks)and then after the monster comes though the first time and destroys the turrets I restart. For buckets UAV I use a similar method to what I use for griffin. Direct hits for Bucket and Parnell are easy to do against a behemoth(especially in the water and power map in defend). Good luck :slight_smile:


I almost forgot, with Abe’s dart pistol the dart effect has to have worn off before you place another shot in. And Torvald was super easy to elite. Extra capacity is a must. Tier 3 grenades just spam throw them. Everything else is fairly self explanitory


If anyone is having trouble doing Slim’s Spore Cloud Grenade Launcher Mastery, just know that Wildlife counts as a Monster for the Tier 3 Mastery. I normally do it in Rescue. Send out your bug to revive the survivors (and hopefully they reach the survivor before anyone else revive them so no Maggie and Daisy!) and quickly find some wildlife to use the Spore Cloud on and spam it on them. If they aren’t trying to run away, this would be easy. If not, chase after them and spam the Spore Cloud until the survivor is revived.

I’ve Mastered Slim this way so I hope this helps. I’ve Mastered every single available character so yeah, I’m willing to help if someone is looking for it.


Defend: Monster damage/fighting achievements
Rescue: Revive/heal achievements.
Nest: General damage/defense achievements.
Hunt: Tracking/movement achievements.


Thanks for all these tips! I’ll try them next time i play evolve. I’m sure they’ll help a LOT with mastering characters.


Anyone have any more tips?