Best way to complete Hank's last shield requirement


Just wanted to know if anyone has found a good way to complete Hank’s last shielding requirement. It says to prevent 30 teammates from being incapped with the shielding tool. Can somebody give me an idea on how best to complete this? Thanks!


Don’t shield anyone until they are one hit? Or don’t make it your goal to 3 star your characters in 3 days.


Man I tell ya…this game is just too good to put down the controller. Anyways, I have tried shielding at the last second and that doesn’t seem to register as being a save. I have also tried to shield them when they are down and are waiting for pick up to see if it is that and it doesn’t registered.

Sometimes at the end of the game I will get 1 if I am lucky but I wish I could figure out how I am getting that lucky one. Frustrating!!


This sounds Similair to another requirement (for medic)
I think you have to shield the amount of damage it would have taken to incap someone ie 1600 on a single hunter, so you might have to waste a full shield on someone then shield them again to get it


Alright, I will try that out now. Thanks for the advice!


You basically just have to shield a lethal amount of damage - not necessarily the full 1600. Wait till they’re already hurt, then shield them. It can be risky, and not really very team-oriented behaviour, but that’s pretty much how the mastery system seems to work. You might eventually get the points naturally if you’re playing with a lazy medic (or Laz), or if the monster manages to separate you from his target with a tree or pillar or something.

The one thing that makes that one hard is because usually as soon as a shield pops up the monster turns to Hank. That can be fixed by playing with a Griffin - Griffin with the beam team can tank a lot of damage to keep the arena up, and if the monster ever tries to turn on anyone else, harpoon in the back. The guy we had playing monster was a little irritated at all that.

Orbital strike, however, is just stupid.


So I just used the shield for most of a Defense match and I didn’t get 1 point towards the shield perk. I guess it will just happen whenever it happens. :frowning:


Ok guys I found out the way that this is done!

So when one of your team members is needing one more hit to go down, use your shield on them at the last second for it to count.

Hope this helps!


After six matches I finally had to waive white flag and check the forum for hints. I got 1 shield defense the entire time, and I’ve been using him on rescue and almost all shield.

I’ve found while grinding other hunters (I’ve only got a couple left and on final tier) that I’ve come to like them all more. Which essentially is what the developers are hoping (so that you find a variety you enjoy), but Hank may be the only one whose mastery makes me like him less. In fact if he wasn’t the default support when you log into a game I’d swear off him for good. What a rotten final tier.

Still can’t believe despite the amount of teammates I saved with shield that only once was good enough…


It does occur to me since I’ve read the description repeatedly thinking maybe I’m missing something:

’Prevent 17 teammates from becoming incapped’ that maybe the survivors on rescue don’t count. I’ve also used him on defense in Co-Op evacuation without success though. Plus the Orbital seems screwed, maybe that’s because I was against A.I. and they see it coming. Never thought Hank would be the one of the 12 (16) I dreaded the most.


Actually felt bad after I left this, I’d rather bring in positive stuff! Such as I’ve loved the game enough that I mastered 8 Hunters just through playing online naturally.

I don’t mind a grind, and credit my patience and the process. But there’s a difference between moving slowly and going nowhere at all. Just seems very buggered up. Read online in different forums and seems multiple theories on how you score an incap. Maybe I’ll just have to use him endlessly (Karma swallows thickly) if I want to get the cheevo.

Odd didn’t have trouble with Val with a similarly named objective. Anyways all the best and sorry don’t know why this thread popped up first on google/forum as I just noticed it’s over 2 months stale.