Best way to combat negative reviews: Tell your friends about Evolve!


I have a little background in marketing. (not a whole lot, but a little) I can tell you that I would much rather have a dedicated group of people who enjoy a product who are willing to spread the word about the product to their friends, than have all the experts recommend my game, or get the best reviews possible, or even have the best packaging for my product.

People will be much more willing to purchase something that one of their friends recommends. Its human nature. So if you love this game like I do, and if you want to see it do well, tell as many people about it as you can. They will see your excitement and want in on it… they won’t care about Jimquisition or Steam Reviews.

I know, I know, I’m a bit of a fanboy but I have been raving about this game to my coworkers, and have gotten people excited about giving it a try, even if some of them do want to wait for a sale. That is the best way to help Evolve become a really large and awesome community.

Plus, its way more fun playing with your buddies, am I right?