Best wallpapers ever!





Aye sir pug.


Best wallpapers NA



Zdzislaw Beksinski


@SledgePainter @Shin I feel obligated to show you both this adorable pug picture.


More to my taste, screw pugs.


just a few of my favorites


I’m Atheist, don’t believe life has meaning after death, and I’m not dead. Those pictures make me smile.

Evolution is suicide, so funny. :laughing:

Funny you would link the Zerg picture right before you put the evolution is suicide picture up. ^.-

The Zerg exist through evolving, and reproducing in large numbers.


Lol, random arrangement.

The evolution is suicide basically sums up the complexities of the 14 years of suicidal depression ive been suffering.

Zerg had the coolest units in starcraft and been zerg player since then LOL


I don’t understand that. People look for meaning in life; can’t find it. Then they look for meaning in death; can’t find it, and commit suicide anyways?

Live for yourself, others, do something productive, make a family, live life. ^.-

Life is short, live it while you can. We all die in the end, why speed it up? That’s my opinion on the matter. But lets not derail the thread. :wink:


There is no meaning. anywhere.
I live for music in case anyone who reads this now and later was curious.

Also back on topic.

i have a blue one but idk where it went >_<

also for the lol’s


if any body can pphotoshop Pugdal the Grey into the background in one of @Radical_Scopez wallpapers i would be grateful :smiley: :monster:


I’m absolutely beyond terrible with Shotophop, but something like this?


@MidnightRoses just gave me a new one.

Weep tears of bitter regret.


I liked everyone in the picture, except for that dog. ^.^

Pugs aren’t cute people, when will you learn this? :wink:


That’s purely subjective, Jak! And hush. Speak in whispers. Many people like pugs here, and will not take kindly to harsh words addressed to them…


atleast you tried man :smiley:


did i hear someone talk shit about pugs :goliath_roar: