Best trapper at tracking and trapping poll


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Did it become a poll of no?


Never mind that notion.

  • Maggie
  • Griffin
  • Abe
  • Crow
  • Jack

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Thanks I am so clueless second day on forums


Crow = best at finding the monster
Jack = best in the dome
Griffin = best during the chase
Maggie/Abe = good all around


Which do you recommend?


How did you make the poll?


It all comes down to personal preference and which one suits your play style. There’s no “best trapper”, although most would say Jack is the best in the class. The trappers have always been the most balanced class.

Me personally, I always choose Maggie. She’s my most played character and the one I always go to when I don’t know who to play. But again, it’s all down to personal preference. I’d suggest playing each one a few times in solo and see which you like best.



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Maggie is the best at gtting a general idea on where the monster is from far away.
Griffin is good all around, but his cc is the best in a chase and probably tied with jack in a fight.
Abe is great at keeping track of the monster in a dome and is great at doing damage.
Crow is the best at keeping track of the monster once you find it, and he’s pretty good at finding it in the first place. His damage is also great, especially with that armor thing.
Jack is great in a fight, annoying the monster with repulsor, taking away huge gaps of health with the laser and always shooting.


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Entirely agree. A good Maggie is the band of my existence. I can deal with an Abe.




I like abe because his tracking gives you exact meters.


I’d love it if a Mod could clean this up a bit (but that’s just me being a bit pedantic).

All-and-none is my answer to the question. They all do a great job at tracking and trapping the monster, but it’s mostly down to you playing it right. Once you find the monster, all tools will aid in keeping track, as long as you couple it with your own senses and the help of your team. If you do the basics you can use any of the trappers (the main considerations should be 1) The map, and 2) The monster).

By this I mean sound (footsteps, wildlife, environment, etc to tell which direction the monster went), instincts (looking at the map, which way is the monster likely to go? Which way would YOU go? What would you do?), sight (do you see wildlife fleeing from something and can’t see anything chasing it? Are there corpses around? Can you feel the ground shaking (rumble/screen shake)? Did the tracks suddenly stop?).

Have your team help you by fanning out a bit. You want to be spread enough that you don’t get group-damaged, and can preferrably prevent any jukes right past you, but without being too far spread to prevent support.


Abe for tracking
Crow for damaging and fun!


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