Best time to get rank mathces


So I finally bought Evolve after enjoying the alpha and beta then thanks to the Kala advertising I finally picked up the Ultimate Edition. But I’m wondering if I’m too late to the party. I can get into a quick match “fast” enough but I can’t seem to get into a determining rank match to save my life, I bought the game on the PS4 and Xbox One, with the PS4 seeming to be more populated (not trying to start a console war, just what I noticed this weekend). So I’ll ask the community is there an ideal time/day to get some rank matches in?


On Ps4 I would say there isn’t a best “time” besides the peak of ps4 gaming traffic but as far as ranked matches go you really just have to dedicate to waiting abd if it takes longer than 15 mins play a quickplay match and try again


I’m on Ps4 and play hunt mostly. I’m usually on around 8 or 9 pm (central time), and most of the time I have a game in 5 minutes.


My conclusion from last stream was that the best times for evolve on PC is sunday between 1~4pm east…Could try that on PS4 as well ;]