Best time for TRS Dev Stream? -- Vote now!


Hello you beautiful people you!

I briefly discussed this in our last Dev Stream, & we were wondering…

When is the best time for the TRS Dev Team Stream on Fridays?

We’ve tried 5PM-7PM but almost no one shows! This is unfortunate because this is the time we can get the most devs involved here at Turtle Rock!

That said –

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! -- Choose wisely. ♥

  • 11PM - 1PM PST
  • 2PM - 4PM PST
  • 4PM - 6PM PST
  • 5PM - 7PM PST

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I vote 5 - 7 PM it’s night and I can do homework at the same time. Although I wish there was a 7 - 9 option


Thanks for your feedback!


5-7 PST is right after the kids go to bed so that works best for me!


Glad I could help ^.^


5PM-7PM, got nothing to do at those hours :slight_smile:


The two earlier choices. I’m in the uk and so it’s 8 hours later for us.
I do realise it’s very tricky to make two continents happy though. I can always watch later on :slight_smile:


yeah for me its 7 hours later i would miss some streams


5 to 7 or 2 to 4 works best. Preferably not on Fridays due to work.


Yea good luck with that Shunty


Yeah, I know. It’s gonna suck.


At least I got to show off them Crow muscles I always flex here on the Forums today. Had a lot of fun, even made Cory give up at one point.


Lol, poor Cory


By 6PM I’m into the time I prefer to spend playing games rather than watching them, so I voted 4-6 since I’m usually home from work by 3ish on Fridays.


5 to 7 please. I often find myself missing the streams. I rarely catch them because they are so early in the day.


Any of them except 11-1.


I voted for 4-6 PST, but honestly it’s the Friday that makes it a bit more difficult for me to catch them since I try to be barely social sometimes and those times are Fridays.


I voted for 11 pm - 1 pm PST. For the simple fact that such a long stream would be fairable to all the other options, which only have streams for up to 2 hours. I’m assuming it’ll become a monthly thing though, how else are they going to cover that many hours?


I don’t think any option is particularly great for those of us in Europe, I watch the streams on demand a few days later, but I understand that isn’t as great as people watching live and interacting!