Best tactic for new player to grasp the game


Is it better to play solo unlock every character, getting a feel for them then jump online or is it better to jump straight in the frying pan and weather whatever insults might be hurled at you by more experience players. It’s possible someone might teach you how to play better but I wouldn’t count on it


Jump online, definitely. Learning from your betters and learning by real experience is much better than just tackling it solo. If you are wanting to do a bit of solo first though, there are tutorials you can do in the game solo :slight_smile:


I would say it depends on that persons likes/dislikes and where they feel comfortable or learn best.


I’d say jump into multiplayer. The experience will be much different and you will find that it may be harder and more challenging, but getting used to how other players play the game, will help you learn certain tactics much faster than playing against bots.


Play online. The abilities of each Hunter aren’t overly complicated, it’s using them effectively in tandem with your teammates that is important, and that can only be learned by jumping in and learning by doing.


Got sniped on my planned response twice so I’ll just agree with what’s been said above, plus saying that the last few tips and tricks videos evolve put out on youtube will help, and so will general gameplay by other youtubers/streamers


Yeap online.Eitherway leaderboards won’t show who is the best.They will only show who plays the most.So until we get a ranked system playing online won’t affect stats that much


I’d say starting with the monster might be a good idea, that way you’re going to realize how the hunters are able to fight the monster, with their teamwork, but you gotta know what their abilities are, or you won’t understand anything they do.


Jump online. Multiplayers are the best places to learn. But most importantly, remember to be humble, and communicate with the team. The attitude you bring into the game is more important than the skills.


First of all, do the tutorials, then watch the tutorial videos. Then jump in, you’re likely to be placed with people in the exact same situation as you. Jumping in at the deepend is the biggest shock, but also the quickest way to learn.


^ This. Jump online and get to practicing. My first game in Alpha taught me a lot, and the players told me how to ping and look around for signs. You’ll get better a lot faster if you are online.

And while i’m still waiting for ranked mode, there’s nothing stopping me from helping out new players when Gamestop finally gives me that download code.


Yeah don’t even worry about the Leaderboards.Until they get a rework they are not Leaderboards.They are Timeboards.


Neither! Watch the tutorial videos.


Feel free to jump in, but unless the new player is a fast learner I’d recommend doing the tutorial before playing Trapper or Medic since they are quite crucial and possibly unintuitive.

Once the basics are known one should hone their skills on other players, not bots.


Start either against bots or maybe try the Assault or support as the other 2 are pretty important to the team a bad medic can result in a very very bad loss so only go medic when you’ve tried the class and when you do remember the heal is the most important thing, rather than doing what most people seem to be doing atm which is just snipe with Val and not actually heal.