Best Support poll


Which support is your favorite/most fun?

  • Sunny :sunny:
  • Cabot
  • Hank
  • Bucket

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I have the most fun playing Cabot, but I have a hard time picking him right now.


I’ll pick Sunny or Hank depending on the map. I prefer Sunny though.

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I may pick 4 options
picks everyone


I love playing both cabot and bucket since they are the most assault-y of all the supports.


1: Sunny
2: Hank
3: Cabot
4: Bucket

Depending on the mode/monster, it may change slightly. It also changed depending on the skill of the players with you.


Obviously Bucket! :bucket_salute:


Currently Bucket. Though once Cabot gets buffed to not gimp a team he’s on, he’ll go back to my most played Support.

  1. Sunny
  2. Bucket
  3. Cabot
  4. Hank
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That’s odd how you put Hank last, FSE. I thought the popular consensus was Hank was gdlk while everyone else is negligible.


Dang, surprised to see other people putting Sunny on top.
Sunny, Hank, Bucket, Cabot. Defensive supports have always been preferred, weaker shields since last patch puts Sunny ahead of Hack, and Bucket does better damage than Cabot.


Sunny can defend herself, that’s why I put her above Hank. Hank is easily focused.


My favourite support is bucket but the strongest support is sunny.


Favorite and most fun are two totally different things… You should make 2 seperate polls.
Favorite: Sunny
Most fun: Cabot

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Hank is pretty dependable in a team that needs intervention. Sunny’s good for a team that needs the help. Cabot’s good for destroying everything. And Bucket’s good for denying areas and keeping track of the monster.

There’s no real ‘best’ support imo.


I find cabot to be the scariest support to fight since I just melt from baisically everything.


Yep, he makes everything hurt that much more. It really depends on your team.

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It was a close one between Hank and Sunny for me. Personally, I love it when I give a low-health teammate the jetpack boost out of the monsters’ face and they become fully healed. You can just feel the defeat coming from the monster. When that happens to me as a monster – especially if it’s a saved Laz :angry: – I get pissed! So when I get the opportunity to do it to someone else, you damn well know I’m picking Sunny!


trust me i tried, it told me to name the polls or something so i was like “ahh screw it”


That moment when you play and win and at the end of the Match Parnell says

“I hope someone hears about this one day. Bucket!”

And your dad, who was on his iPad, looks up and questions what my character just said there at the end.

I say “Bucket.” and he’s like “OH!!! I thought he said something else… nevermind.”

If nobody gets a chuckle from this then I find your lack of humor disturbing.