Best spots to fight for Monsters


Sometimes We have the chance to choose a spot to fight. What types of terrain u like or suggest depending of monster ofc. For example i think big “poles” or towers are something that Kraken likes best. What are Your preferences? What do u look for when choosing a “place dome here, plz dear hunters” spot? :wink: can You help me with that, plz?
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In a cave with lots of loops.

I barely get the chance to choose where I want to fight, those pushy hunter jerks. They always just send assault out to poke me repeatedly… with bullets. :cry:


A cave.

Dangerous wildlife everywhere, preferably a Tyrant or two.


Yup. Usually i am not able to choose a place to fight. But sometimes i have the chance. And then i find myself thinking that im not quite surr how to give myself an advantage. Thanks for the cave idea! Will try this at once :slight_smile:


Caves are a great place to fight. No fear of orbitals or space death lasers.

If you get caught in one with a loop, you can mitigate if you get caught in S1. Experienced players will make sure you’re not caught in one tough. :confused:


Mostly Caves, specially when playing Bob. One does not simply fight Behemoth in a cave. It’s a death sentence for the hunters.
Also try to avoid places with lots of high grounds when playing Behemoth, as the hunters will most likely try to kite you.

For Kraken I’d recommend fighting in an area with high objects such as trees, large building etc. which you can use to fly around them & avoid taking much damage. Also stay away from caves, as Kraken is an airborne Monster, and cave roofs are not high enough for you to effectly land your abilities (like Lightning Strike). A grounded Kraken is a dead Kraken.

For Wraith I normally look for areas with Rocks, bushes or looped caves, so I can quickly rush to the hunters, do damage & change my position. Bushes are also great for a quick surprise sneak attack.

Goliath is good in almost any area I believe. You can use high grounds for leap smash.

Haven’t found anything for Gorgs yet. But try using high walls to cling to, as her pounce attack from above does good damage. Go as high as the game allows you and make sure the hunters cannot see you, aslong as they don’t look up. The higher you are, the more damage you do I think.

Hope this will help you :grin:


For me it anywhere with a long enough line of site to pull off a 90+ meter abduct to waste all the other hunters fuel while I wail on the other.


For both Goliath and Behemoth I tend to go fro caves and anywhere with cover so as to avoid any orbitals as well as nearly negate some of the more annoying attacks of the hunters.
As Kraken I tend to go for more open areas with tall objects I can zip and zoom around.
Wraith, I tend to go for caves, as well as places with drastic vertical movement that forces the hunters to either climb or be pinned against a wall
For Gorgon, I ALWAYS start with an area high enough for me to get a good jump pounce. Then preferably a place that forces the hunters to pool together or stick close so that nearly all of my attacks hit more than one hunter at a time.


Depends on the monster and your preferred damage type for sure. I like playing Behemoth on the high spires by the beach on weather control because my fissures surprise hunters, but i also love playing him in caves and tight areas because of lava bomb and fissure hitting multiple people. Everything depends on the situation in almost every scenario so take the advice in this thread with a grain of salt.


Any areas where there’s either a Tyrant, Crowbill Sloth, Megamouth or Nomad.


Flat open areas where hunters have nothing to jump on or dodge behind. And also confined areas where you can hit multiple hunters with one ability.


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