Best sensitivity?


What is a good sensitivity for both hunter and monster?


It depends entirely on you. Play with them, find out which you like more, and then use that.

It honestly depends on the person. There’s no one-size-fits all.

Bob might like sensitivity 21 or 420 or 666 but Steve plays on 69. Etc.


i feel like the 420, 69 and 666 were hidden jokes, but i missed the 21. if it was 42, i’d be fine.


but then again, your comment was the 2nd post in this thread so 21 times 2 = 42…


#hail satan




Humour 101


21 is from that stupid 9+10 vine. :wink:





You said you missed 21? As in you didn’t get where it came from? Or am I just being stupid…


no, but i dont watch Vines. so it didnt give me much xD


It was just this stupid vine trend. People at school wouldn’t stfu about it. -.-


I havn’t messed with it honestly lol


I max it out, like all other games. I don’t know why though lol. Just feels right.


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