Best region to use for Australian players?


So trying to find a game when the Steam Download Region is set to any Australian Steam server is massively painful in regards to wait times. I’m in Perth so US West regions like Los Angeles are quite laggy. I did try setting the region to Honolulu, but ended up playing against try hard Korean teams?!

I’ve also tried the Singapore region, this seemed to work the best. When I looked at some of the profiles for the users in the game they were from all over the place, including the USA.

Does anyone know what the region makeups are or the boundaries? For example I assume that setting the Download region to Singapore would also allow you to compete against players in Malaysia, Thailand and/or South East Asian countries? But I don’t know of any way to confirm.

Anyone else in Australia and/or Perth specifically had any success with this?

Also what are the best game modes? I’d really like to complete my ranking for Hunt but the wait times are worse then if I just do a quick match. Problem with quick match though is you end up against some pretty hardcore people with 1000+ hours of gameplay. I had a game in quickmatch, I was the monster and he was playing what feels like broken Kala, the rest were bots. They tracked me down before I could even evolve and slaughtered me. Same again against the previously mentioned Korean team. Not trying to complain, but does anyone play with something other then Kala?



You could always try to connect to western American servers.


Huek, when Rose does that she easily gets 300-500 ping.

(I think the record was over 600 or 700)


I’m in Melbourne. Tried the US servers for a while but find it better in Europe. Spend most of my time on the UK - London server. Only ever notice some lag when using Caira’s grenades, otherwise I haven’t had a problem. You can feel free to add me on Steam if you need another player in a similar Timezone. Steam ID is same as on forums. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just came from a hunter stomping session, feeling great. I forgot how awesome this game is.

Anyway, my update for queue times is that I changed my region to US West. Now it takes about 2 minutes to get into a game as a hunter and about 20 minutes to get into a game as a monster.

Something I didn’t notice until recently is that it actually tells you “your wait times are long because there are too many monsters”.

I just play Civ5 while I wait for a monster game then switch.

Happy Hunting!


Glad switching to US Western servers worked. Are you OK with a close?


Yeah sure. It would be nice though to get a response from TRS on how the regions are defined and what the boundaries are. At the very least a list of Evolve server locations would be nice.

There will other people like me who follow up, want to play the game and need to find a good region to be based out of.


@LadieAuPair before we get a close, mind explaining how the servers work? Please?


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