Best preoder for me


Hello community,

i want to preorder evolve. So i am searching for the best preorder option but i only know about the options from steam so i am asking for help and diffeerent options.

Since my pc is very bad i can only play on lowest grafics and low resolution i dont care for skins. I also dont care for additional hunters cause i mostly play monster and the basic hunters are enough for me. But i want as many monsters as i can get. But what is the best preorder i can get now?

Thx for the help!

Ps. Is the behemoth included in the normal evolve version for 49.99 or only in the Evolve Digital Deluxe version for 64.99?
And what will the 5th monster price be if i buy it as a dlc? (the Preoder version that includes the 5th monster costs 80 euro).


If you are only in it for the Monsters then just buy the base game. The others cost at least 20 dollars more and the Monster DLC is only $15. So if you don’t want skins or Hunters, buy the base game and then each Monster as it comes out.


the Evolve PC Monster Race version costs 79.99 and includes the 4 th and 5th monster plus a lot more so it costs the same as basic game plus the 2 monster packs so i can as well get this if monster dlcs are 15 euro each. But is there a version for less then 65 euro that includes the 4th monster?


All editions come with the 4th for free if you pre-order it. Even the base $60 US one.


but it dosent say so in steam =( However it says so in the more expensive version.

Let me copy paste it from steam:

Evolve vorbestellen: Evolve Pre-Purchase includes a giftable copy of Left 4 Dead! --> 49.99 euro

Evolve Digital Deluxe vorbestellen: The Digital Deluxe Edition Pre-Purchase includes Evolve, Evolve Hunting Season Pass, Evolve Monster Expansion Pack and a giftable copy of Left 4 Dead. --> 69.99 Euro

Evolve PC Monster Race vorbestellen: The PC Monster Race Edition Pre-Purchase includes Evolve, Evolve Hunting Season Pass, Evolve Monster Expansion Pack, Fifth Playable Monster, Two Additional Hunters, Four Monster Skins and a giftable copy of Left 4 Dead. --> 79.99 Euro

The Evolve Monster Expansion Pack is the 4th moster right?

Also are there other retailers where i can get it cheaper maybe under the things i want?


Then it’s steams fault, because EVERY edition comes with the 4th monster. As for recommendations, check major retailers or other threads on the site. There have been a few mentioned.


Are you sure? I really want that 4th monster :wink:


Positive. Any pre-order/pre-purchase will contain the 4th monster. They have mentioned this many times. However, I do want to iterate that if you purchase from a 3rd party, they SHOULD be able to honor that, so make sure you check with them.