Best place for a star wars outfit?


So next year im going London for the Star Wars Celebration which is basically like comic con but related all to star wars and i plan to at least where some cosplay for one day but i dont know where to buy it from because im not good when it comes to making stuff so i need to know the best place for buying costumes? Seems a bit weird but still i need to know

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have you bought from there before because i dont want to give any credit card details or pay for something that will never deliver


Well technically they don’t sell costumes, that would be illegal. However, they do provide resources for creating your own. If you’re looking for high quality and you have some time to put into it, you can make a very authentic looking costume.


oh right cool :grinning:


Alternatively, this is an officially licensed store:


I also just googled some. There’s LOTS of patterns out there.

Whose a cute Bantha puppy… YOU ARE!


I’d like to see more Old Republic Cosplay


Apparently you can request appearences…


OOH I like :3
…Now I just need two working light sabers… for science… yeah :slight_smile:


Don’t just settle for a lightsaber… Every Jedi and Sith knows… you must create your own… And now… YOU CAN…


The force is telling me my wallet is going to need a buff soon


Yeah… But they’re too awesome… I was trying to get a friend of mine to buy one as a night-light for his new kid… Almost had him sold on it…


that would be an awesome night light. I’d want a purple light saber and red. more my style
bet you know who my favorite jedi and sith are based off that ^.-


That’s quite alright… it’d be a night-wall-light… with both lightsabers crossed… underneath the mask, like a jedi jolly roger…

Personally, my favorite is satele shan’s. I’m a fan of the double bladed style.

This website used to have more pictures with it that changed the picture based on what combinations you plugged into it so you knew EXACTLY what you were getting… I guess there’s too many options for that now.